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4-LOM was a LOM-series Protocol Droid and a bounty hunter that often teamed up with fellow hunter Zuckuss.


Manufactured by Industrial Automation, 4-LOM overrode his own programming due to glitches and became a bounty hunter. He collected bounties for the Hutt Clan in his early career and often worked with fellow hunter Zuckuss.

4-LOM was hired along with Bossk, Boba Fett, IG-88, Dengar and Zuckuss to bring in the Millennium Falcon shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Boba Fett succeeded in capturing Solo and taking him to Jabba while the other hunters including 4-LOM failed.

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Trivia Edit

  • There was a confusion as to which character was 4-LOM and which one was Zuckuss because Kenner released action figures with opposite names. It was later decided that Zuckuss would be the living humanoid while 4-LOM would be the droid.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Chris Parsons played 4-LOM in The Empire Strikes Back and also played K-3PO in the same movie.