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Ahsoka Tano was the Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. She later became a rebel, fighting the Galactic Empire.


Early LifeEdit

Ahsoka was born on Shili and was found by Jedi Master Plo Koon at the age of three. He brought her to the Jedi Temple to be trained as a Jedi.

Battle of ChristophsisEdit

The Jedi Council hoped to rid Anakin Skywalker of his feelings of attachment, so they assigned Ahsoka to him as a Padawan, sending her to Christophsis in the midst of a large battle between the Republic and the Separatist. Anakin was not impressed but as the battle went on, he actually started to enjoy having a padawan. The Republic successfully defeated the Separatist on the planet.

Battle of Teth Edit

After the Battle of Christophsis, Anakin and Ahsoka were assigned to rescue and return Rotta the Huttlet to his father Jabba. When Scouts spotted Rotta on Teth, Anakin, Ahsoka, Captain Rex and their troops arrived at the old monastery. Ahsoka followed her master up the steep cliff to the building as droids fire down. She jumped on top of an AT-TE walker and arrived on top in time to save her master from droidekas at the top.

4-A7, the caretaker protocol droid greeted them and told them that Rotta was being held in the dungeons. After rescuing the Huttlet, which Ahsoka named "Stinky" the group attempted to leave. On their way out, Ahsoka is met by Asajj Ventress who she briefly duelled before Skywalker arriveed on a Can-cell and saved her. They arrived at a landing platform and saw a ship with 4A-7 on the ramp. Battle Droids descended and Ahsoka realised that the protocol droid was a spy and destroyed him.

When the hangar of their command ship was destroyed, Tano and Skywalker were forced to travel to Tatooine to return the Huttlet in the old freighter they had stolen called the Twilight.

Duel on Tatooine Edit

They crash landed on the planet and Ahsoka took Rotta while Anakin distracted Dooku who was present on the planet. Ahsoka headed towards Jabba's palace but fell into a trap set by Count Dooku and she was attacked by his Magnaguards. Dooku wished for the Jedi not to return the Huttlet so that the Separatist could be the heroes and the Jedi be the villains. The Hutts would join their cause once they saw the Jedi this way. However, when Dooku revealed that he had Magnaguards waiting, Anakin raced to help, running into the palace and past Ahsoka. Ahsoka arrived with the huttlet just in time to save Anakin from the angry Hutt who believed the Jedi are evil. Even after Rotta was returned Jabba ordered the duo executed but were interrupted by a transmission from Padmé Amidala who revealed that Ziro was involved in the kidnapping which Jabba's uncle reluctantly admitted to.

Clone Wars Battles Edit

Ahsoka vs Grievous

Ahsoka faces General Grievous for the first time

Ahsoka undertook many missions with her master, and the two formed a strong bond. Some such missions were saving Plo Koon from the Malevolence, saving R2-D2 from the famous General Grievous and his traitor replacement droid - R3-S6. She dueled General Grievous on Skytop Station after saving Captain Rex from the Generals lightsabers. Grievous dominated the fight but Ahsoka cut off his right hand and escaped in the vents.

She was assigned to transport Nute Gunray to custody with Luminara Unduli when Asajj Ventress and battle droids attacked the frigrate. Ahsoka and Unduli duelled the Sith Assassin and failed to stop her from getting away with the Viceroy due to the treachery of Captain Argyus of the Senate Commandos.


Ahsoka Tano.

While assisting Jedi Master Aayla Secura, Ahsoka ended up on the planet of Maridun with Captain Rex, Commander Bly and an injured Anakin as well as Master Secura. The group of them seeked refuge in the village of the Lurmen who were pacifists and wouldn't fight. Lok Durd, a Separatist leader and Neimoidian decided to test his new weapon on the pacifists. A group of Lurmen aided the Jedi and the Clones in their fight with the Separatist against their leaders wishes and saved the group.

Ahsoka and Padmé Amidala were trapped by the evil Dr. Nuvo Vindi in his Blue Shadow Virus Lab on Naboo and the virus is let out by a LEP Servant Droid. Anakin and Obi-Wan managed to bring back the antidote to stop it just in time to save them.

Ahsoka fought with her master in the Battle of Ryloth, first on the bridge of the Resolute, and then in her Jedi starfighter in the planets atmosphere, saving Mace Windu, Cham Syndulla and the Clones from death when Count Dooku orders the Hyena Bombers to bomb the Capital City.

Tano was punished for actions on Felucia and was assigned to Archivist Jocasta Nu in the Jedi Temple. Cad Bane and some Bounty Hunters broke in and Ahsoka fought Cato Parrasiti in disguise as Master Nu, defeating her quickly. A holocron had gone missing from the vault afterwards as Bane had stolen it. Anakin and Ahsoka then went to rescue Jedi Bolla Ropal who Bane had captured to open the holocron. They were too late to save the Rodian but ended up capturing Bane later on after Skywalker was forced to open the holocron to save Tano's life. They managed to discover the location of the Holocron afterwards from the Bounty Hunter. Obi-Wan and Mace Windu successfully find and reclaim the holocron although Bane escapes afterwards.

Ahsoka took part in the Second Battle of Geonosis with Ki-Adi-Mundi, Luminara Unduli and Unduli's padawan Barriss Offee. Ahsoka and Barriss got trapped under the debris of the fallen Geonosian Hive after blowing it up from the inside. Barriss was ready to die but Ahsoka refused to give up. The two managed to get Anakin and Luminara's attention who lifted up the debris with their force powers and enabled the padawans to escape.

Ahsoka and Barriss led a group of clones on a supply ship and were later attacked by them as they had been infected by Geonosian Brain Worms. Barriss eventually got infected and Ahsoka fought to defend herself from the deadly worm infected troopers. She contacted Skywalker who told her that the Brain Worms could be destroyed in the cold and Ahsoka managed to redeem Barriss and the Clones before reinforcements arrived and the infection spread further.

Ahsoka lost her lightsaber on Coruscant and didn't tell her master. With the help of Master Tera Sinube, she reclaimed it from Bounty Hunters that stole it.

Ahsoka fought Hondo Ohnaka and his pirates on Felucia with Anakin and Obi-Wan and the Bounty Hunters Sugi, Embo, Seripas and Rumi. She befriended Seripas who wore armour to make himself look big and strong even though he was really a small creature.

After Boba Fett sabotaged the Endurance to kill Mace Windu, he left them stranded on the surface of a planet. Ahsoka, Plo Koon and R2-D2 arrived to help them and found out that Boba, Bossk and Aurra Sing were on Florrum where they went next. They defeated the hunters and Aurra escaped in Slave I, the ship crashing. They managed to get Boba to reveal where the hostages were with Hondo Ohnaka's help.

Ahsoka and Riyo Chuchi infiltrated a Trade Federation Blockade ship and rescued one of Chairman Papanoida's daughters.

Ahsoka was sent by Padmé to help Duchess Satine Kryze. She befriended Korkie Kryze and the Cadets and helped to stop Prime-minister Almec from overthrowing Satine without her lightsaber since weapons were forbidden.

Ahsoka had recurring visions of Aurra Sing, alive and well, assassinating Padmé Amidala and puts a halt to the Bounty Hunter's plans.

Ahsoka traveled with Padmé to Raxus to meet Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri and her son Lux Bonteri. Mina wished to end the war as much as Padmé. She was killed by Separatist Droids although Dooku blamed it on Republic Clone Troops.

Mortis Incident Edit

Ahsoka was with her master and Obi-Wan when their ship was pulled into Mortis and where they experienced the mysterious creature who called herself the Daughter - the light side of the Force. She insisted on taking them to meet the Father - the balance of the force. They were attacked on a cliff from some invisible force which separated Tano and Kenobi from the Daughter and Skywalker. While Tano and Kenobi tryed to fix their damaged shuttle, Skywalker followed the Daughter to confront their mysterious assailant. After they arrived at their crash site, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were confronted by the Son - the Dark Side of the Force. He disarmed them and then told them that they might want to take cover as a storm approached. They entered a cave and slept but Ahsoka was awakened by a vision of herself as an older Togruta. The older Ahsoka warned the younger not to stay at her masters side.

Testing Anakin, the Father used his children who captured Skywalker's former master and his apprentice. While Obi-Wan was taken by the Daughter, Ahsoka was caught by the Son. Anakin freed his friends using the force but refused to stay and complete his destiny by replacing the Father. Upon reaching the crash site once again, Ahsoka was captured once again by the son, who turned her into a Dark Side Acolyte to use against Anakin and his father in order to turn Anakin to the Dark Side and leave Mortis.


Ahsoka with The Son

Anakin arrived to save his apprentice and found her waiting for him. The two fought, Ahsoka trying to kill her master and Anakin hoping he doesn't have to kill her. Kenobi arrived with the daughter and the Dagger of Mortis. He joined the fight and Ahsoka doesn't stop. The Son and the Daughter fought with force lightning in the tower as well but the father arrived and stops both fights with the force. Obi-Wan threw the dagger to Anakin so he could kill the son but Ahsoka intercepted it and handed it to the son who was about to kill the Father after draining the life from Tano and leaving her for dead. The Daughter used herself as a shield and the dagger killed her.

The Father and Anakin resurrected Tano using the Force and she lost all of the Dark Side confusion. Instead of leaving, Anakin confronted the Son. Obi-Wan pursued him only to find that he had joined forces with the Son. The two left for the shuttle and Obi-Wan insisted via comlink that Ahsoka leaves the shuttle and disable its engines. When Anakin and the Son arrived - the Shuttle was useless. Anakin was restored and wiped of his memories of the future from the Father when the Son left to retrieve the dagger from his sisters tomb.

The Jedi and the Father were confronted by the Son who overpowered them all but is defeated when the Father used the Dagger to impale himself so that the Son wouldn't receive his power. The Son was extremely shocked and upset and was unable to stop Anakin from impaling him from behind. With the three dead, everything exploded and the jedi found themselves on their shuttle in space again.

Rescuing Even Piell Edit

In order to rescue Even Piell, Ahsoka assigned herself to the mission to the Citadel against her masters orders and she used the excuse that Master Plo Koon had assigned her to the mission. After rescuing Piell and Wilhuff Tarkin from the Citadel Osi Sobeck sent Anoobas at the group which killed Piell but not before Ahsoka was told his half of the Nexus Route Coordinates which was war information that Tarkin and Even had been carrying. She also managed to save Tarkin from Osi Sobeck who tried to kill him in order to stop the Nexus Route from falling into the hands of the Republic.

Anakin asked master Koon wether Ahsoka had been assigned the mission and Plo confirmed it even though it wasn't true.

More Clone Wars Events Edit

Ahsoka was captured by trandoshan hunters and was dropped off with other Jedi Younglings and other captives to be hunted for fun by the evil trandoshans. Kalifa was killed during an assault. All of the remaining Jedi escaped with the help of Chewbacca when he called his Wookie friends and some Bounty Hunters for help. Garnac, their leader, died to Ahsoka's hand.

Ahsoka helped prince Lee-Char reclaim his home planet and regain the alliance between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari.

Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Anakin managed to defeat Zygerrian slaver Darts D'nar but were later captured by the Zygerrians themselves becoming slaves. With the help of Plo Koon, the group escaped from the facility on Kadavo with Togruta slaves.

Facing Death Watch Edit

Ahsoka saved Lux Bonteri from Separatist Droids and they arrived on the planet of Carlac. Lux wished to join Death Watch to get revenge on Dooku, which was a common goal of Death Watch leader Pre Vizla. Ahsoka was shocked at Lux and when they had some time in a tent to themselves she tried to talk some sense into him saying that the Death Watch would eventually kill them both. Seeing Death Watch approaching, Bonteri kissed Tano to stop her talking.

Chief Pieter, the leader of the Ming Po, who's women were captives of Death Watch, arrived and insisted that Vizla release the women immediately. Vizla to Tano's surprise - agreed and Bonteri used it as an excuse that Death Watch wasn't as bad as she made out.

When the time came to give the women back, Vizla stabbed Tryla, a woman that had befriended Tano, with his Darksaber. Vizla ordered everyone in the village killed and Tryla asked Tano to save her people. Tano finally gave in and saves one of the Ming Po. Vizla overpowered her and ordered her to be dragged back to camp. R2-D2, who had been ordered to fix some Battle Droids for the Death Watch to practise on asked them to help free Ahsoka.


Pre Vizla faces off Ahsoka Tano

Vizla was about to behead Ahsoka and ignored Lux's pleas. R2 intervened and spun around wildly, spreading smoke everywhere. Bonteri broke free and R2 gave Tano her lightsabers. Vizla engaged Ahsoka in a duel. Eventually she slashed him to which he laughs. She told him she didn't miss and he threw his jetpack off just before it exploded, having realised that Ahsoka had hit it.

Ahsoka, R2-D2 and Lux escaped in a speeder evading Bo Katan and her Nite Owls. Once back aboard their ship, Lux left in an escape pod, much to the dismay of Tano.

Onderon and the Gathering Edit

Tano joined forces with Lux Bonteri once again when he joined the Onderon Rebels with Rebel leaders Steela and Saw Gerrera and they took back the planet from Separatist and King Sanjay Rash, saving their real king Ramsis Dendup. Ramsis was rienstated as king while Lux became the Senator of Onderon.

Ahsoka was assigned to take six younglings to Ilum to construct their lightsabers. Afterwards, she was captured by Hondo Ohnaka. The younglings decided to rescue her but they failed and only got captured themselves. When General Grievous attacked, the Jedi and pirates worked together to escape the Separatist. Ahsoka defended the younglings from Grievous as they made their escape. Hondo arrived in Slave I and saved them.

Falsely Accused Edit

Tano was accused of bombing the Jedi Temple when it was actually Barriss Offee. When Barriss was revealed the traitor, Ahsoka chose to leave the Jedi, much to Anakin's shock and dismay.

Siege of Mandalore Edit

Ahsoka befriended Bo Katan who discovered that Darth Maul, a long time enemy of Obi-Wan Kenobi was on Mandalore once again so the two contacted Anakin and Obi-Wan to let them know. They joined forces with the Jedi to attack the planet but Yoda called the two Jedi back to help in the Battle of Coruscant where General Grievous and Count Dooku were attacking the Republic capital. Anakin left Ahsoka with command of a squad of the 501st Clone Troopers with Captain Rex and departed. Ahsoka and Bo Katan attacked the planet with the Clones and Mandalorians not loyal to Maul. Ahsoka was known to encounter Maul personally.

Rebel Network Edit

Ahsoka joined the Rebel Network as the mysterious Fulcrum, giving missions to Rebels such as Hera Syndulla, working for people like Senator Bail Organa and recruiting people such as Wedge Antilles to the cause. She revealed herself to the Lothal Rebels as a former jedi after they rescue Kanan Jarrus from Grand Moff Tarkin and the Grand Inquisitor.

Ahsoka helped Phoenix Squadron during the time of the Siege of Lothal and when Darth Vader attacked the fleet she went with the crew of the Ghost. She reached out with Kanan to the pilot and felt the sense of her former master Anakin Skywalker. She fainted and afterwards told the lothal rebels that she didn't know the identity of the Sith Lord.

Ahsoka sent the group to Seelos where they found her old friend Captain Rex. He returned with them and reunited with Ahsoka.

Mission to Takobo Edit


"You are Beaten." - Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka went on a mission to Chandel to find out what the two Inquisitors - the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister's second goal was. She found Darja, a woman on a civillian ship who told her that the Inquisitors took her grand-daughter and killed everyone else on board. She also indirectly told Tano that the child - Alora - was force-sensitive. Tano arrived on Takobo where Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger were investigating the other location Tano had discovered, and were in possession of both Alora and Pypey, another force sensitive baby. They were duelling the Inquisitors near the locked door of the hangar that contained the Phantom and were defeated by them. At that moment, Ahsoka opened the door and walked out, activating her lightsabers and telling Ezra to get Pypey to the Phantom. She leaped forward and battled the Inquisitors. She eliminated the Fifth Brother quickly and duelled the Seventh Sister until the brother rejoined, forcing Tano to jump over them to avoid his blow. She again knocked him out and deactivated her lightsabers. She knelt and closed her eyes. The Seventh Sister saw her chance and leapt forward, where Ahsoka caaught the hilt of the Inquisitor lightsaber and used the force to deactivate it. She force-pushed the female Inquisitor back and pointed her lightsaber at the fallen figure. Stormtrooper reinforcements arrived and the Inquisitors were happy to have captured Ahsoka to please their master - Darth Vader. However Tano told them that their master would have to wait as she saw the Phantom ascend out of the Hangar. She flipped up onto a building, leapt up and swung on the open hatch at the back of the Phantom, entering the ship.

Lothal Jedi Temple Edit

Ahsoka traveled with Kanan and Ezra to the Jedi Temple to try and contact Jedi Master Yoda and the three encountered seperate visions. Ahsoka finally saw her old master Anakin Skywalker who asked her why she left and then changing into the black Sith Lord, he asked, "Do you know what I have become?" Ahsoka finally accepted that her master was the Sith Lord and activated one of her white lightsabers, spinning around. The vision disappeared as she did this. Kanan and Ezra returned from their visions which had both been set by Master Yoda. Yoda had told Ezra to find Malachor and Ahsoka told him that Malachor wasn't a person, it was a place.

Mission to Malachor Edit

The Rebellion found a base on the planet of Attolon and Ahsoka traveled there after the base was established. She left soon after with Kanan and Ezra to investigate Malachor for knowledge of the Sith and their Inquisitors. On the Phantom, Rex talked to her via holocron and tried to convince her to stop and wait for him to arrive but she refused his help. They arrived on Malachor and were surprised to pick up another ship on their scanners. Chopper stayed behind to find the location of the ship while the three Jedi explored. They eventually found themselves tumbling through the floor and onto the battleground of the Great Scourge of Malachor, nearby a Sith Temple. They walked towards it, investigating their surroundings and were attacked by an Inquisitor - the Eighth Brother. The Inquisitor fled and Kanan and Ahsoka chased him, Ezra falling behind. Chopper flew in and entered the Eighth Brother's TIE Advanced, the Jedi catching up to the speedy Terrellian Jango Jumper. Chopper flew the ship up and shot at the Inquisitor, who dropped his lightsaber. Ahsoka and Kanan prevented him from reclaiming it and started to ask him questions regarding other Inquisitors and who he was hunting for. They moved when they saw movement from the Temple, Kanan knowing that Ezra was somehow involved. Reaching the doors, Kanan told Ahsoka that Ezra never would have been able to lift them. They were suddenly attacked by the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother with only a short warning from Chopper. The Seventh Sister freed the Eighth Brother, who used the force to reclaim his weapon. Ahsoka and Kanan duelled the three Inquisitors for a short time before Ezra arrived with another individual. Ahsoka was shocked to discover the individual was Darth Maul, who Anakin Skywalker's master Obi-Wan had encountered many times during the Battle of Naboo and the Clone Wars. Maul surprised them more by helping them fend off the Inquisitors who fled. Maul told them that the Inquisitors would alert Vader of their presence and he would come in person. Not wanting to trust the former Sith Lord, Ahsoka and Kanan continued to watch their backs, as well as Ezra's, who had seemed to trust him completely. Maul led them up the Temple, telling them that the Holocron that he and Ezra had taken from the temple, would unlock the secrets of the Sith if you took it to the top. The Eighth Brother attacked them at the top of a lift and they drove him off. They split up - Ahsoka with Kanan and Maul with Ezra, much to Kanan's annoyance. The Fifth Brother and the Eighth Brother attacked Ahsoka and Kanan at the top of the next lifts and they battled them until Maul arrived without Ezra and cut the Fifth Brother through the torso after Ahsoka cut his lightsaber. They damaged the Eighth Brother's lightsaber and he fled, jumping off the edge. His lightsaber malfunctioned and broke as he started to spin it and he fell to his death. Maul revealed his treachery, wishing to use the Temple as a weapon to use against all of his enemies. He attacked Kanan and blinded him but as he came in for the final kill, Ahsoka intervened. Ahsoka battled Maul for a while before, Kanan stood up, having put on a nearby mask. Ahsoka left Kanan to find Ezra. She reached the top of the temple to find Darth Vader above Ezra, about to kill him.


"It wouldn't be the first time" - Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka intervened and Vader told her that it was foreseen that they would meet. While Ahsoka knew that it was her former master behind the armour, she refused to admit it. She told Vader that she would avenge her masters death. Vader responded by telling her that revenge wasn't the Jedi way but Ahsoka declared that she wasn't one. She charged at him and they began to duel.

Ezra tried to take the Holocron from the vault as they battled but couldn't do it by himself. Ahsoka and Vader's fight led them out of the Temple where Vader eventually force-pushed her off the edge. She made her way back up and ran at Vader from behind who was using the force to pull back Ezra who had taken the Holocron with Kanan's help. Vader sensed her and turned as she leapt at him. She sliced one side of his helmet off and they both tumbled to the floor. Ezra, Kanan and Chopper entered the Phantom while Ahsoka stood up. Vader said her name and showed his real face through the broken mask. Tano told Vader that she wasn't going to leave him this time. Vader's activated his lightsaber, declaring that she would die if that was the case. Ezra screamed her name from behind and tried to approach them but Ahsoka turned and force-pushed him back as the walls closed, separating them. She was forced to activate her sabers again as Vader attacked her.

Rebels4x13 0422

In one last faceoff she used the force to push Vader backwards and then stabbed her lightsabers into the crumbling ground and Vader fell through as she was pulled through a portal by Ezra from 1 BBY into the World between Worlds.


Ezra pulls Ahsoka into the World between Worlds

Rescue in 1 BBY Edit

A couple of years later following the mission to malachor, Ezra Bridger and the spectres went on a mission to the Lothal Jedi Temple where Minister Veris Hydan wass excavating it for Emperor Palpatine who wanted access to the World between Worlds because he would be able to control everything through space and time. Palpatine contacted Hydan and told him that the death of Kanan Jarrus would effect Lothal but he could not foresee how.

Rebels4x13 0615

Ezra managed to unlock the door to the world and went through but the door didn't let anyone else through after him. Ezra walked across to another portal where he saw the fight on Malachor with Ahsoka and Vader. Morai the Convor was above the portal and encouraged Ezra to save Ahsoka. Ezra reached in just as the Malachor temple was about to explode and pulled her through, leaving Vader on the other side. When they recovered, Ahsoka had lots of questions. She told Ezra that Morai was an old friend of hers that she owed her life to and asked where Kanan was. Ezra realised he could save Kanan if he went to the correct portal but Ahsoka warned him not to pull him out as they watched the events of his death replay. She explained that if he saved Kanan then Ezra, Sabine and Hera wouldn't be alive because the Jedi Knight had saved them during his death. She managed to convince him to let Kanan go. Ahsoka told Ezra that she wouldn't return with Ezra.


A voice said "Maybe I can" and they turned to see Emperor Palpatine had opened a portal in the same place as the Lothal Fuel Depot one had been and he sent force-lightning at them through the portal. They ran back towards the other portal doors and Ahsoka had to stop to use the force to block the lightning. Ezra helped her and it stopped for a moment. They took the chance to start running again. Palpatine managed to get hold of

Rebels4x13 1216

Ezra and the lightning began to pull him backwards at the leg. Palpatine told Bridger to show him the way and stepped slightly through the portal, his hand on Ezra's side. Ezra yelled that he was coming through and Ahsoka used her lightsabers to cut off his connection to Ezra and they got up again. They split up when Ahsoka reached the Malachor portal and told Ezra to get back and close the door so nobody could get in. Ezra told her to find him on the other side and she promised that she would before heading to her portal, reaching it just before Sidious's lightning. Ezra managed to reach the portal where he had entered and jumped through as Palpatine yelled in frustration. Ezra managed to close the portal on the other side.

Back to Malachor Edit

Ahsoka arrived back on Malachor with Morai and wished the force be with Ezra as she got up and walked further into the Sith Temple with the convor. Vader walked away injured and with a limp.

Search for Ezra Edit

Ahsoka eventually made it off Malachor and following the Battle of Endor, she met with Sabine Wren and the pair of them went searching for the missing Ezra Bridger who had valiantly taken Thrawn somewhere in hyperspace.

Ahsoka Render

Ahsoka Tano

Skills and Abilities Edit

For a Padawan, Ahsoka has incredible skills as a jedi and follows down the path of her master with his reckless ways. As an adult, Ahsoka's skills enhance yet again as shown in her fight with the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister.

Weapons Edit

First lightsabers Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka Tano's lightsabers


Tano with her Jedi weapons

Ahsoka first uses a green lightsaber in her first days as padawan to Anakin. She later gets a yellowish-green shoto and uses both sabers at a time.

White lightsabers Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka Tano's white lightsabers

Ahsoka creates her own lightsabers for use after she left the Jedi Order. They are white, signifying her non affiliation with the jedi.

Blaster Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka's blaster

A blaster used by Ahsoka while in exile on Thabeska.

Vehicles Edit

Jedi Starfighter Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka Tano's Delta-7 Aethersprite Interceptor

During the early years of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka used a Delta-7 Aethersprite Interceptor in battles.

Jedi light Interceptor Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka Tano's Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor

Ahsoka later replaced her Aethersprite with an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor.

A-Wing Edit

Main Article: Ahsoka Tano's A-Wing

Ahsoka used an A-Wing starfighter of Phoenix Squadron as a rebel but it is assumedly left on Takobo when Ahsoka leaves without it in the Phantom with Kanan and Ezra.

Relationships Edit



Trivia Edit

  • The name that Ahsoka takes while in exile during the Age of the Empire is Ashla which was the name of another Togruta Jedi youngling in Attack of the Clones. The characters are not known to have met and there is no confirmed connection.
  • Ahsoka was yet to appear in 12 episodes of the Clone Wars which would explain her fate on the show although she has now been brought back to Star Wars Rebels.
  • While Ahsoka survives the Malachor encounter, which was teased by Dave Filoni many times, it is possible Vader believes she died due to the fact that his final blow would have killed her and his lightsaber went through thin air instead. He did however fall straight away and might not have seen that Ezra had pulled her through the portal.
  • It is possible that Ahsoka didn't wish to interfere with the events that happened up until the destruction of the Lothal Jedi Temple in case she changed something important and so stayed in hiding after going back to Malachor until later on.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Ahsoka was voiced by Ashley Eckstein in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.


Note: This list is incomplete* Star Wars: Galactic Defense