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Alexsandr Kallus was a Human Male ISB Agent of the Galactic Empire. He was assigned to Lothal during the Lothal Insurgency and later served under Governor Arihnda Pryce during investigations on rebel activity. Kallus joined the rebels as a "Fulcrum" inside the Imperial ranks helping them escape on many occasions. Although he kept a good cover, Kallus was eventually discovered as a spy for the rebels by Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn, following this, Kallus officially joined the rebellion following the Battle of Attolon, later becoming a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Biography Edit

Born on Coruscant ,Kallus trained at the Imperial academy and then joined the Imperial division known as the Imperial Security Bereau. He was one of Wullf Yularen's best agents in the field. One time his platoon was facing off Saw Gerrera's Partisans and a Lasat killed all of them except Kallus.

Kallus was involved in the cleansing of the planet of Lasan and he was given a J-19 Bo-rifle by a Lasan Honor Guard he had defeated.

Kallus was part of the force on Lothal tasked with stopping the Lothal Rebels. He got to know the Ghost crew quite well especially Garazeb Orrelios who hated him for his involvement on Lasan. He served under the Grand Inquisitor until his death at the hands of Kanan Jarrus. When the rebels became part of a bigger rebel cell known as Phoenix Squadron, Kallus continued to pursue them due to his familiarity with the group. He served under the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister who replaced the Grand Inquisitor in the search for the three Jedi involved with the cell - Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka Tano.

He eventually got stuck with Garazeb Orrelios on the moon of Bahryn and the two were forced to work together and formed an unlikely friendship. They escaped and went their oposite ways but Kallus wasn't happy after seeing the way the rebels welcomed Zeb back in comparison to the way he was greeted by his fellow Imperials.

Eventually Kallus defected and became "Fulcrum", agent of the rebellion. He fed the rebel cells information that he discovered. Kallus helped Sabine Wren, Wedge Antilles and Hobbie Klivian escape from Starstrike Academy and Governor Ahrinda Pryce. Grand Admiral Thrawn took over the rebel situation and Kallus served under him. On Lothal Kallus again helped rebels Kanan and Ezra to escape the Imperial complex. Thrawn revealed afterwards that he knew of the traitor and Kallus managed to keep his cover as Thawn didn't know who the undercover agent was.

Thrawn investigated the matter, interrogating all the officers involved in the operation on board his Star Destroyer the Chimaera. Ezra Bridger turned himself in due to intel recieved that meant Kallus was near to being discovered. Lieutenant Yogar Lyste and Kallus were summoned to Thrawn's office on the Chimaera where along with Admiral Kassius Konstantine they were questioned by Thrawn and Wullf Yularen. Kallus discovered during the meeting that Thrawn was close to finding the rebel base on Atollon and realised he needed to replace the planet in Thrawn's system with another one. Kallus tricked Lyste into believing that Governor Arihnda Pryce was "Fulcrum" and while he wasn't paying attention, Kallus stole the Lieutenants code cylinder and swapped it with his own. Kallus and a disguised Ezra Bridger managed to get into Thrawn's office while Thrawn and Yularen went to Ezra's cell. Kallus got Ezra to use the force to inform the guard that he was Lieutenant Lyste and Thrawn was expecting him. When Thrawn and Yularen found the cell empty, Thrawn rushed back to his office where the Stormtrooper at the door informed him Lieutenant Lyste was inside. Kallus and Ezra successfully erased Atollon from Thrawn's database and hid as Thrawn entered. Kallus reprogrammed Thrawn's Imperial Sentry droids to attack the Grand Admiral and the rebels made their escape. Thrawn managed to see Ezra leaving and thought it was Lyste. Rex and Kanan arrived to pick them up in Stormtrooper outfits but Yularen forsaw their arrival and sent Pryce to intercept them. She attacked them and when Lyste saw her attacking Stormtroopers he concluded that she was the traitor. Lyste shot the governor with a stun blast and the rebels escaped. Kallus decided to stay behind and try and keep his cover now that he could frame Lieutenant Lyste for shooting Pryce.

Unknown to Kallus, Thrawn told Yularen that he knew Kallus was the real traitor but that he planned to use him.

Kallus discovered that Thrawn was aware of the attack that Phoenix Squadron was planning on the Lothal TIE Defender factory. He quickly traveled to Ezra Bridger's former home and started to transmit but was only able to say "Thrawn Knows" before realising he was being jammed. He turned to see Thrawn in the doorway and he attacked the Grand Admiral. The Chiss came out on top although Kallus managed to destroy the device jamming the transmission but he was captured by Thrawn's Death Troopers.

Thrawn used the trajectory of the the message sent by Kallus and the location of General Dodonna's fleet which was traveling to the base to pinpoint the planet of Atollon which had been removed from his database but he knew about due to his love for art. Kallus tried to tell him it wasn't there and that the rebels were smarter then he gave them credit but Thrawn brought the fleet to Atollon. Kallus was brought aboard the bridge of the Chimaera to watch Thrawn attack Phoenix Squadron. He watched as Thrawn defeated the cell but when Thrawn left to lead the ground assault he managed to escape the captivity of Governor Pryce and reach an escape pod. He transmitted his location to the Ghost and they picked him up as the remaining rebels escaped and left for Yavin IV.

Kallus became one of the rebels in command at Base 1 of the Massassi group.

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