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This alternate All Terrain Scout Transport walker model was used by the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Hoth, alongside the regular type.


Walkers of this model had longer legs than the regular AT-STs and more of a truncated cockpit. Weapons were similar to the stock AT-ST, but the chin-mounted double laser cannon and the side-mounted cannon had longer barrels. The weapon-pods also took up more space on each side of the armored cockpit. On the left side of the walker's turreted head, there was a unit insignia of a horned helmet, similar in style to the helmets of the Mandalorian culture.


These walkers formed part of Blizzard Force and were used during the main assault on the base. They accompanied All Terrain Armored Transports of General Maximillian Veers, protecting their flanks from rebel soldiers.

Behind the scenes[]

Original AT-ST ILM model

The original AT-ST model depicted in Technical Journal Volume Two.

The physical AT-ST model used in The Empire Strikes Back had several cosmetic differences to the one used in Return of the Jedi. The second model was more detailed and refined and became the template for future depictions. Two images posted in Star Wars Technical Journal Volume Two in 1994, shows the original 1980 model with unit insignia clearly visible, as well as the different head, weapon and leg designs.