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The final large-scale military engagement in the Galactic Civil War, the Battle of Jakku took place in the year 5 ABY. During the waning months of the conflict, Counselor Gallius Rax assumed control of the Galactic Empire and concentrated much of its remaining forces on the desert world of Jakku in the Inner Rim where the Empire would make its last stand against the New Republic.

Unknown to his own soldiers, Rax plotted to destroy the Empire in order to fulfill his obligations to the late Emperor Sheev Palpatine. However, he also intended to retreat into the Unknown Regions where he could forge a new Empire with those whom he regarded as the worthy few, such as Commandant Brendol Hux. When the Republic's forces attacked the Empire on Jakku, Rax attempted to destroy the entire planet along with both factions. However, his efforts were thwarted by Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, who killed Rax during the battle but not before ordering Sloane to go into the Unknown Regions.

While the fighting on Jakku would continue in the months that followed Rax's death, the battle was a decisive victory for the New Republic. In the aftermath, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda and Chancellor Mon Mothma signed the Galactic Concordance on Chandrila, officially marking the end of both the civil war and the Empire itself.

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