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CC-1010, nicknamed Fox, was a clone commander stationed on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. He commanded the Republic's Coruscant Guard, which included troopers such as Rys, Thire, Jek, and Hound.

He continued to serve on Coruscant for the Galactic Empire and fugitive Jedi Jocasta Nu saw him commanding shocktroopers as she passed by towards the Jedi Temple. Fox was killed when he failed to provide his troops with a description of Darth Vader and they mistook him for a Jedi. Vader used the force to crack his neck, killing him for his failures.

Biography Edit

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Personality and Traits Edit

Fox was loyal to the chancellor above all and although he was a clone of Jango Fett, some of his 501st brothers had more questions about things such as CT-5555 and CT-7567 who were influenced by the reckless leadership of Anakin Skywalker. Fox did not hesitate to shoot and kill Fives.

Skills and Abilities Edit

While the shocktroopers didn't have to fight on the front lines, they still received the same training and while Fox didn't have as much battle experience as troops on other worlds he was still battle-hardy trooper. He wielded his dual pistols well, getting experience from the various situations that did occur on Coruscant across the Clone Wars.

Weapons Edit

Blaster Pistols Edit

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Fox wielded dual DC-17 blaster pistols during the Clone Wars.

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Appearances Edit

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