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Clone trooper phase 1

Clone Troopers were the soldiers of the Galactic Republic. They fought alongside the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars but turned on them when Darth Sidious activated Order 66. They were gradually replaced by Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire.


Grown at an accelerated rate and raised in the laboratories and facilities of Kamino, the clone troopers were trained throughout the first ten years of their lives to become one of the most efficient military forces in galactic history. Bred for the sole purpose of combat, the clones were indoctrinated with unwavering obedience to the Galactic Republic and—more specifically—their Commander-in-Chief, the Supreme Chancellor.

For roughly three years, the clone troopers fought to defend Republic sovereignty against the Separatist rebellion. Throughout the conflict, the Jedi Generals served as commanders and generals of the Grand Army and, thus, they serve alongside their clone soldiers on many occasions.


IMG 0245

A group of clones

Some years before the Invasion of Naboo, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas believed the galaxy was going to fall into war but was kicked from the Jedi Council for his view. He went on to contact the Kaminoans and acting without the council's permission he comissioned an army of clone soldiers.

Sifo-Dyas was soon killed afterwards by the Pyke Syndicate who were hired by the Sith. Darth Tyranus took over the project following the Invasion of Naboo and recruited Jango Fett to be the template of the clones.

Obi-Wan Kenobi tracked Jango Fett to Kamino in 22 BBY and discovered the project. Later on Yoda traveled to the planet himself and recruited the Clones who were ready for battle and took them to Geonosis to rescue the Jedi strike team there. The Battle of Geonosis marked the beginning of the Clone Wars and Jedi led the Clones into battle against the Separatist army.


The 501st and 212th teamed up to arrest the fallen Jedi Master Pong Krell during the Battle of Umbara.

Throughout the war the Clones continued to serve their Jedi Generals, split into units such as the 501st Legion and the 212th Battallion. A few Clones showed disloyalty such as Cut Lawquane and Slick which showed that even though they were clones they had some differences due to personal experience and training.

Late in the war, 501st trooper CT-5555 "Fives" came across a conspiracy which ended up being Order 66 in the works. He was killed before he could properly come up with proof but was able to warn CT-7567 "Rex". Rex, CC-3636 "Wolffe" and Gregor all had their inhibitor chips removed.


Order 66 is activated.

Following the Battle of Coruscant, Order 66 was activated and Darth Sidious came to power. Clone Troopers across the galaxy executed their Jedi masters. Rex, Wolffe and Gregor did not obey due to their chips being removed and went into exile.

Clone Troopers served as the first army units of the Galactic Empire until Stormtroopers were created to replace them. The final known Clone Troopers to be produced and trained were the Inquisitor Troopers that followed Darth Vader and his Inquisitors.


Clone Trooper

Phase I

Clone Trooper
Clone Troopers with Phase I armor swarmed the battlefields of the early battles of the Clone Wars such as the Battle of Geonosis. Their armor was all the same at first except a couple of color markings for different ranks.

Phase II

Phase II Clone Trooper Armor
Phase II troopers wore a more comfortable armor. This armor came in around the middle of the Clone Wars.

Clone sharpshooter

Battlefront ii republic clone specialist front
Also known as Clone specialists, these are Clones with extra training in sniper and long range weapons on the battlefield.

Clone trooper pilot

Phase I

Clone Trooper pilots were trained in the dangerous feat of piloting the many vehicles, ships and starfighters in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Phase IIa

JTKTM Oddball

Phase II b


Clone naval officer

Some Clone Troopers served as Officers in the Republic Navy aboard their ships.

Clone Commando

Clone Commandos kept the same armor for the whole war. Some had custom made armor such as the ones in Bad Batch. Clone Commandos were elite mission-specific troopers.

Clone jumptrooper

Phase I

Phase1Jumptrooper BFII
Jumptroopers specialised in jetpack use in battle.

Phase II


Coruscant Guard trooper (Phase I)

Clone Troopers of the Coruscant Guard sported red markings. They were based on Coruscant and served as security guards for members of the Galactic Republic.

Clone Shocktrooper

(Phase II)
Known as Shocktroopers, the Coruscant Guard troopers are heavily used in their phase II armor on Coruscant.

Kamino Security clone trooper

The Clone Troopers assigned with the job of protecting the Clone factories on Kamino. The team was created following the Battle of Kamino after realisation that Tipoca City needed security.

Special Ops Trooper

These Clone Troopers were assigned to stealth missions and missions that would require camoflauge.

ARF trooper

Phase I

Standard Phase 1 ARF Scout Trooper
The scout troopers of the early Clone Wars that were trained in survival instincts and the piloting of AT-RT walkers.

Phase II

AT-RT Driver

Clone Scout Trooper

ARF Troopers becames solely for driving AT-RT walkers when more specialised Scout Troopers came in. They took part notably in the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Biker Advanced Recon Commando

Specialised Clone's trained in piloting speeder bikes such as BARC speeders.

Clone cold assault trooper

Cold Snap clone
These Clone's are equipped for cold worlds such as Orto Plutonia.

Galactic Marine

Galactic Marine
Commandos trained for snow and weather conditions, these Marine's were used during the Battle of Mygeeto under Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Clone Flametrooper

These Clone's had similar armor to the Cold Assault clones but it wasyellow/orange and it was heat and fire resistant. They were equipped with flamethrowers which were best used against the Geonosians rather then Battle Droids.

Clone ordance specialist

These Clones specialised in defusing bombs and were experts on ordance.

Clone SCUBA trooper

The underwater variant of the Clone Trooper. These were heavily used in the Battle of Mon Cala.

Advanced Recon Commando (ARC)

Colt detail-0
ARC troopers are elite troops within the army. Their training makes them more advanced then regular clones. They tried out the phase II prototype armor earlier on therefore being the first to use it.

Clone heavy trooper

These Clone Troopers were trained in the wielding of heavy weapons into battle.

Clone paratrooper

Clone Troopers with parachutes and jetpacks for high altitude drops into battle from gunships and other vehicles.

Blurrg trooper

Blurrg ryloth
Some regular Clone Troopers learnt how to ride the Blurrgs during the Battle of Ryloth which was a long battle of the Clone Wars.

Clone gunner

Clone Gunner
Clone gunners man the large guns from Republic ships and vehicles.

Clone Cadet

Clones were called cadets until they finished their training. They wore specialised armor as fully grown Clone's for training purposes. The color of the markings on their armor was different depending on which squad they were training in.

Clone Flight Crew

Some Clone Troopers that didn't serve on the front lines were ground crew for the hangars of ships and bases.

Clone Trooper medic

Injured Clone's are treated on the battlefield by medics. Medics carry around medical gear and are trained in the area of treating the injured.

Clone medic officer

These medics served as officers on Republic ships unlike their armored counterparts.

Inquisitor Trooper

Dark Lord 16 Inquisitor Troopers Bel City
Elite Clone Trooper units that served the Galactic Empire under the Inquisitorius.


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