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Corellia was an industrial planet in the Core Worlds region.

History Edit

The planet was known for its shipyards. The YT-1300 series freighters, like the Millennium Falcon, came from Corellia. During the time of the Galactic Republic, several Jedi, like Kalifa and Petro, were sent from

Corellia to train in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

During the Galactic Empire, large Imperial warships were built by Corellian manufacturers, including interdictor cruisers. There was a local resistance movement on the planet that fought Imperial forces. At one point, one of their members crash-landed on a Geonosian colony while attempting to warn the Resistance of an imminent crackdown.

Rebel soldiers such as Han Solo, GadrenWedge Antilles and Crix Madine came from Corellia. The smuggler BoShek and the bounty hunter Dengar were also native Corellians. Another notable Corellian was Lord Ecclessis Figg, who constructed Cloud City on Bespin.


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