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As the Battle of Endor unfolded before their eyes, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Commander-in-Chief Darth Vader would duel in the Emperor's throne room on Death Star II, where Skywalker was able to defeat Vader but refused to stop fight him. When Darth Sidious blasted Skywalker with force lightning, Vader betrayed his master and became Anakin Skywalker once again, throwing the Sith Master down the reactor shaft nearby to his demise and destroying the Sith Order. Anakin would soon die from his wounds shortly afterwards.


Skywalker felt as Vader reached out to him through the Force and landed on the moon during the Alliance to Restore the Republic prepared for the upcoming battle and knew that he had to confront Vader; he decided to leave his friends, only after revealing to Organa her true familial heritage. Not long after, Skywalker surrendered to Vader in an attempt to bring the Dark Lord back to the light side, and although he managed to make Vader question the dark truths that had long ruled him, Skywalker ultimately became a prisoner of the Emperor as he was took to his throne room.


Escorted by Vader, Skywalker was brought to the Emperor's throne room in an attempt to turn him to the dark side, shortly before the Alliance Fleet arrived. After telekinetically releasing Skywalker from his binders, the Emperor dismissed his protectors, the Royal Guard, and revealed the extent of his plan to destroy the Alliance. Aware of Skywalker's powers, the Emperor tempted him to give in to his emotions and strike him down with his lightsaber.

In spite of his initial refusal to succumb to the Emperor's temptations, when faced with the imminent destruction of the Rebel fleet and the loss of his friends, Skywalker allowed himself to be coerced into a confrontation. Within the darkened confines of the Emperor's throne room, Luke engaged his father in a fierce lightsaber duel. Although Luke first fought Vader in anger, the Emperor's taunts made him realize that he was following the path Yoda had warned him against. Instead, he once again tried to reach his father, sensing conflict in him about his allegiance. However, Vader dismissed him and threatened to turn Luke's sister, Leia Organa, to the dark side in his stead, something that enraged Skywalker, allowing him to draw upon his anger to overwhelm the Dark Lord. With one final strike, Luke severed Vader's cybernetic right hand, taking the Sith's lightsaber with it as it plummeted into the depths below. Pleased with Skywalker's display of power, Palpatine ordered Luke to kill Vader before taking his father's place at the Emperor's side. Seeing at once what he would become if he failed to pull himself back, Skywalker tossed his lightsaber aside and declared himself a Jedi, as his father had been before him.

Seeing his refusal to give in to his demands to stop fight Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith decided to torture and kill the Jedi Knight using Force lightning. Hearing his son's pleas for help, Vader returned to the light side and was once again Anakin Skywalker, grabbing the rage entranced Emperor with what was left of his arms and lifting his master up high into the air, lumbering toward the reactor shaft. Angered by his apprentice's sudden betrayal, Sidious turned a yet more powerful lightning attack upon the returned Anakin, wishing out of hatred nothing more than to cause as much pain as possible to him, even with the option to use his own powers and save himself. At the cost of the Emperor heavily damaging his life-supporting armor, Anakin hurled his master down into the reactor, ending with the Emperor plummeting down the shaft, screaming violently as lightning still blasted from his fingertips, and expelling a rush of dark side energy upon finally hitting the reactor far below. By killing the Emperor and ending his reign, the redeemed Anakin Skywalker fulfilled his destiny by restoring balance to the Force.


Mortally wounded from the Emperor's lightning, Anakin told Luke to escape the doomed Death Star without him and insisted that he cannot be saved. He then had his son remove his mask to see his face with his own eyes for the only time, telling him to tell Leia that he was right about him. After uttering those words, Anakin Skywalker died and became one with the Force, joining his masters. Luke then escaped the Death Star's destruction with his father's empty armor, which he then burned in a funeral pyre. Later in the night, Anakin's Force Ghost appeared alongside the Force Ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.



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