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Elite Praetorian Guard SWCT

Elite Praetorian Guards were the personal guards of Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order.



All of the Elite Praetorian Guard fell in battle against Kylo Ren and Rey after Snoke's assassination.

Praetorian Guards were based on the Emperor's royal guards of the Galactic Empire but reimagined in Snoke's image. The royal robe was taken away to allow for more movement and they used a variety of close-range weapons in defense of their leader Supreme Leader Snoke in case someone penetrated the First Order and attempted to assassinate him.

There were eight guards making up the group and they closely accompanied any of the few individuals who were allowed to see Snoke in person. All known units of the Praetorian Guards were killed by Kylo Ren and Rey aboard the Supremacy after the assassination of Supreme Leader Snoke.

The Guards[]


  • Bilari Electro-chain whip
  • Twin vibro-arbir blades
  • Vibro-voulge
  • Electro-bisento


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