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Embo was a Kyuzo Bounty Hunter during the Clone Wars.


Embo was one of the four Hunters payed to defend the village on Fellucia.

He later entered The Box and was one of the last standing hunters. Dooku sent him and the other surviving Hunters to capture Chancellor Palpatine. They failed but Embo escaped.

He was later working for Jabba and fought Darth Maul and Shadow Collective alongside Latts Razzi, Sugi, Dengar and Marrok, his Anooba. The hunters fight well but are forced to flee.

Embo was hired to stop Anakin Skywalker, Padme and Rush Clovis from escaping in a speeder and started firing at them from above while Marrok chased. The speeder fell to the ground and started sliding along. Embo jumped on his hat and skied after them. He failed to catch them and Marrok arrived with his dropped hat.

Embo joined Boba Fett's Syndicate and took the job from Asajj Ventress to rescue Quinlan Vos. They failed and made their getaway before Dooku and a turned Vos could attack them.

Embo was still an active Bounty Hunter during the reign of the New Republic and following the Battle of Jakku he joined Jas Emari's crew along with Dengar and Jeeta.