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Ezra Bridger was a Human male orphan living on Lothal. After he helps the crew of the Ghost on a mission, he joins them. He becomes Kanan Jarrus's Jedi Apprentice.

Biography Edit

Ezra Bridger was born on the planet of Lothal to Ephraim and Mira Bridger. He was born on Empire Day, the day the Galactic Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire. Ephraim and Mira didn't wish their son to grow up under the empire and started sending transmissions against the it. The Imperials found them and took them away when Ezra was only 7 years old.

The Xexto from Troiken. Edit

As an orphan, Bridger got used to living by himself and found himself work by stealing things and selling them on the black market. He moved into the old abandoned LothalNet comm tower E-272 where he kept everything he owned and stole. He was eventually apprenticed to Ferpil Wallaway, a Xexto pickpocket and pawn shop owner. Ezra learnt everything Wallaway knew. Bridger befriended Moreena Krai, a girl his age.

Ezra had an adventure with the Bounty Hunter known as Bossk on Lothal.
Ezra tie pilot

Ezra, with the stolen helmet of Imperial pilot, Baron Rudor.

At some time before meeting the Lothal Rebels, Ezra encountered Imperial T.I.E. Fighter pilot Baron Rudor and stole equipment from his crashed T.I.E. Fighter, including the Imperial's helmet.

Joining the Spectres Edit

Ezra witnessed a Star Destroyer fly over Lothal Capital City and he traveled to the city to investigate. He watched from a rooftop as Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios stole some crates from the imperials. Bridger didn't waste the opportunity and leapt onto a waiting speeder bike which was towing one of the crates. Kanan and Garazeb gave chase on other speeders while the Imperials attempted themselves to gain all of the crates back. Kanan managed to stop Bridger and offered him a ride his ship when TIE fighters arrived. Ezra leapt up with the crate, calling on his unknown force abilities to reach the ramp. Kanan was alerted of his force sensitivity after the jump and was intrigued. Ezra met the entire crew including the pilot Hera Syndulla and the droid Chopper. He sneaked into Kanan's quarters where he found his lightsaber and holocron. Kanan entered and Bridger returned the lightsaber, thinking that Jarrus hadn't seen him keep the holocron. The team told Ezra he would have to stay till the end of the mission and help free the Wookie prisoners. They docked with an Imperial Gozanti-Class cruiser and everyone except Bridger and Syndulla waited aboard the Ghost. Syndulla convinced him to go warn the others when a Star Destroyer approached having just exited hyperspace. Bridger warned them of the trap and they concluded that there were no wookies aboard. As they were leaving, Agent Kallus grabbed Ezra, and Zeb, who was in front of him, was forced to leave without him.

Ezra escapes

Ezra is rescued by the Lothal Rebels aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, Lawbringer, before being punched by Zeb for wearing an Imperial helmet.

Bridger opened the holocron in his cell and watched a message from Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi about Order 66 and warning all remaining Jedi not to return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Ezra escaped from his cell and also discovered the Wookies actual location by taking an Imperial Cadet helmet and listening to the comm chatter. The Ghost returned, feeling bad for leaving Ezra behind when he wasn't even part of their crew. Bridger leapt from above vents and into the hallway as they landed in the destroyer's hangar. Bridger and rebels boarded again and left. The crew traveled to the mines of Kessel where they found the real location of the wookies but after freeing them, they were stalled by the arrival of Kallus. Kanan revealed his Jedi history to everyone by standing up and activating his lightsaber. Ezra saved Kitwarr, a little wookie from a stormtrooper before being confronted by Kallus. Jarrus saved Bridger from death, arriving in the Ghost. After freeing the wookies, the crew of the Ghost returned to Lothal near Bridger's home to drop him off. Ezra once again stole Kanan's lightsaber but returned the holocron. Kanan was aware the Ezra had stolen his weapon and followed him home. He told Bridger that he could keep the lightsaber as a useless relic and remain as he was, or return it and join the crew of the Ghost, becoming his padawan. Bridger thought about it and then accepted the deal, returning the lightsaber and joining the crew.

Early missions Edit

Ezra Sabine T-7 Ion Disruptor

Ezra and Sabine examine the Imperial disruptors

Ezra didn't start his training with Kanan straight away, instead going on a few missions with the crew. They took on a mission from Cikatro Vizago to steal some Imperial T-7 ion disruptors and managed to steal them from Minister Maketh Tua on Garel. Returning to Lothal with the disruptors and with Minister Tua's supposed droids R2-D2 and C-3PO on board as stowaways. While dealing with Vizago, C-3PO alerted the Empire to their location, thinking they would launch a rescue mission for the droids. Agent Kallus arrived but only to fight the rebels. Zeb and Kallus duelled with their Bo-rifles and Kallus got the better of the Lasat. Ezra used the force to push the ISB agent away before he could kill Zeb. Zeb, who hadn't liked Ezra very much, was grateful. Kanan was inspired to start Ezra's training the following day.

Ezra and Zeb got into an argument and Hera sent them to Kothal to find fruit and specifically a meiloorun fruit which was very rare. They attempted to steal one of them from Imperials but were split up when they failed. Zeb stole a TIE fighter and rescued Ezra from the Stormtroopers, making them even in favours. Hera ordered them to destroy the ship but on the way they saw Morad Sumar and Morida Sumar, friends of Ezra's parents getting taken away on some ITTs under the supervision of Yogar Lyste. Ezra wished to save them and convinced Zeb to help. Zeb claimed to be "Commander Meiloorun" over the comm which worked only for a bit. Ezra managed to free the prisoners and escape. They hid the TIE fighter instead of destroying it and claimed to Hera and Kanan that they had done what they were ordered to do although they later showed Sabine and she painted it.

Encountering the Dark Side Edit

Bridger was struggling with his Jedi Training and when Jarrus heard over one of Gall Trayvis's, (a rebel senator) transmissions that Luminara Unduli was alive and being held at the Spire on Stygeon Prime, he thought that if they could free her then Ezra could train under her. The Rebels arrived on Stygeon Prime and broke into the spire. After Ezra and Kanan arrived at Luminara's cell, they found out that she was dead and it was a trap. A Pau'an who introduced himself as the Grand Inquisitor stepped into the cell. Within seconds of duelling him the Inquisitor identified Jarrus's Jedi Master as Depa Billaba which was correct. The Inquisitor followed them as they ran to leave and threw his Inquisitor lightsaber at them as they escaped. Kanan told Ezra that he wouldn't try to train him but that he would just do it.

Undercover cadet Edit

Dev morgan

Ezra as "Dev Morgan" in the Imperial Training Academy on Lothal

Ezra was sent undercover as "Dev Morgan" to the Lothal Imperial academy with Chopper as an Imperial Astromech. Jai Kell, another cadet befriended him but two others Nazhros Oleg and Zare Leonis disliked him. Leonis caught Bridger stealing a decoder from Agent Kallus's office and surprisingly he helped Bridger. Zare told Bridger that his sister Dhara Leonis was missing. He believed that the Empire was lying when they told him that she had run away. After helping each other and each using the decoder for different purposes, they noticed that Bridger and Jai Kell met the criteria for the Grand Inquisitor. They decided to help Kell escape and convinced him that night to win the next challenge with them and get inside an AT-DP walker to escape. The plan didn't go quite as planned when Oleg won as well as Kell and Leonis instead of Bridger. Ezra told the other two cadets to stick to the plan and they entered the walker without Ezra. After stunning the Combat Driver and Oleg. They made for the doorway and Ezra jumped on top of the walker. Sabine and Zeb picked up Kell and Bridger at the doorway where Leonis decided to stay and see what happened to his sister, pretending to fire after the Rebels.

Empire Day Edit

Empire day rebels

Ezra, Sabine, and Tseebo aboard the Ghost on Empire Day, after escaping Imperial forces

Ezra turned 15 on Empire Day when celebrations took place all over the galaxy being the anniversary of the creation of the Galactic Empire. The Rebels detonated a bomb in a new TIE advanced v1, ruining the parade. The Rebels made their way to Ezra's old residence before he had moved to the tower. There they discovered Tseebo hiding and considering the information he held, they decided to take him out of the city. The Grand Inquisitor, Agent Kallus, many Stormtroopers and ITTs gave chase but the crew escaped in the Ghost with Tseebo. The Grand Inquisitor led TIE fighters in a chase from his personal TIE advanced and managed to place a tracking beacon on them.

Tseebo had known Ezra's parents and Ezra blamed him for not doing anything about it when the Galactic Empire took them away. When Chopper discovered the tracking beacon on the hull of the Phantom, Kanan and Ezra departed, leaving in the smaller ship while the Ghost was still in hyperspace which was a dangerous thing to do. They arrived at Fort Anaxes where Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren had been before and faced the deadly Fyrnocks. Bridger managed to let go of his fear and forgive Tseebo as well and was able to connect through the force to the creatures. When the Inquisitor arrived, he engaged Jarrus while Ezra sent the Fyrnocks on the Stormtroopers. When he gave into his anger, Ezra sent the Giant Fyrnock on the Grand Inquisitor who at the time had stolen Kanan's lightsaber and dropped it while defending himself from the giant beast. Ezra passed out from the power and Kanan picked up his lightsaber, carrying his apprentice back to the Phantom.

Hera and her mysterious leader Fulcrum had spoken with Tseebo and gained the information on what actually happened to Ezra's parents and Hera told him that she would tell him when he was ready.

First lightsaber Edit

Ezra ignites his lightsaber

Ezra ignites his first lightsaber with all the members of the Lothal Rebels watching

After missing training, Ezra was put to a test to see if he was meant to become a Jedi. Kanan and Bridger left in the Phantom and Bridger led them using the force to the Lothal Jedi Temple which Kanan didn't know had existed. Kanan waited outside while Ezra went in alone and saw many visions. Seeing the Inquisitor kill Kanan and then he heard the rest of his crew talking about him on the Ghost speaking very lowly about him. He then heard the Inquisitor board and kill them all. Ezra then found himself facing the Grand Inquisitor by himself however he managed to pass the test and overcome his fears. Ezra then heard the voice of Jedi Master Yoda who asked him many questions. Ezra told Yoda that he wanted to become a Jedi to have his revenge against the Empire but when Yoda corrected him he also explained that he wished to protect others. Satisfied with his answers, Yoda allowed Ezra to take a Kyber crystal for a lightsaber before he left. The lightsaber he built was a blaster/saber combo and when it wasn't activated it could fire like a blaster.

When Jarrus and Orrelios lost Chopper to Lando Calrissian in a game of Sabacc, the crew helped Lando Calrissian smuggle to Lothal. They arrived at Azmorigan's ship and Lando traded Hera Syndulla for a puffer pig. She escaped in an escape pod and returned to the Ghost although she was not impressed with a lack of briefing beforehand. The Puffer pig inflated to a huge size when Zeb and Ezra scared it, blocking Hera from the main cockpit. When they accidentally deactivated the ships cloaking device, TIE fighters pursued. Kanan managed to lose them and they landed back on Lothal at Calrissians farm. Azmorigan and his thugs were waiting for them and attacked but they managed to fend them off.

Vision Edit

Ezra experienced a vision including Gall Trayvis the so called Rebel senator who appeared to know something about his parents. Ezra wished to find Trayvis so he went back to the academy where he met with Zare Leonis who was been transferred to the officers academy of Arkanis. Bridger told Leonis that Dev Morgan wasn't his real name but Stormtroopers interrupted them before he could tell him his real name.

The Rebels entered the Old Republic Senate Building where Trayvis and his droid guards were waiting. Agent Kallus and Minister Maketh Tua arrived and cornered them. They escaped with Trayvis through the sewers and Kanan, Sabine and Zeb went one way while Syndulla, the senator and Ezra went another. When the latter group reached a dead end, Hera handed Senator Trayvis a blaster and told him to watch their back. He took the advantage and pointed the blaster at her, revealing himself to be affiliated with the Empire, his job to trap any Rebel Sympathisers. She walked towards him casually and he realised that the blaster wasn't loaded. She knocked him out just before Kanan, Sabine and Zeb arrived again. Kallus and his Stormtroopers arrived just as the Rebels escaped and Trayvis got up. Later on the Rebels watched as Trayvis publicly declared his loyalty to the Empire. Ezra was extremely disappointed in himself for misinterpreting his vision.

Kanan's capture Edit

The Rebels decided to send their own transmission to everyone and they went to the Lothal communications tower to insert a data spike. A Viper probe droid spotted them and alerted the imperials of their presence. Agent Kallus and the Grand Inquisitor arrived and Kanan held them off below for long enough, ordering the others to escape. The Grand Inquisitor duelled Kanan and overpowered him, taking him captive. Ezra spoke, using the data spike to send a transmission to everyone on Lothal. Just as he was finishing the message, the Imperials destroyed the tower.

Rescue Edit

Lothal rebels TIE

Ezra and Sabine reveal their customized TIE Fighter to Hera and Zeb

The Rebels hijacked an AT-DP walker and due to the communications tower being destroyed they couldn't find Jarrus's location. Disobeying Syndulla's orders, Ezra went with Sabine and Zeb to Cikatro Vizago to see if he knew anything. Vizago told Ezra that the Empire was using Courier Droids since the tower was down. Since Ezra recieved the information for nothing, Vizago told him that he was owed a favour. Ezra walked out of the Broken Horn to see an angry Hera. They convinced Hera to try and rescue Kanan by using Chopper in disguise as a Courier Droid to discover his location. Chopper was sent up to a light cruiser and he discovered Kanan was travelling to Mustafar of Grand Moff Tarkin's star destroyer the Sovereign. They stole a Transport Ship and the stolen TIE fighter that Sabine had painted to enter the Star Destroyer. Chopper stayed on the Transport Ship while the others boarded.

Ezra and kanan vs Grand Inquisitor

Ezra and Kanan, as Master and Apprentice duel the Grand Inquisitor aboard Grand Moff Tarkin's personal star destroyer above Mustafar

Ezra headed to Kanan's cell and freed him but as they were passing over the reactor core, the Inquisitor was waiting for them. Kanan borrowed Ezra's lightsaber and attacked him. Finding himself on the opposite side of their enemy, Ezra used the force to call his master's lightsaber to himself from the Inquisitor's belt. After a brief three-way duel, Ezra was knocked off the side of the walkway. Jarrus, thinking that Bridger was dead, took his own lightsaber and fought the Inquisitor without any fear. Cornered, the Inquisitor started spinning his lightsaber around but Kanan cut his lightsaber in 2 from the hilt. The Inquisitor fell back, holding on the edge of the walkway while Kanan stood above and the 2 active halves of the lightsaber fell into the reactor core, starting to destroy the ship. The Inquisitor told Kanan that there were some things far worse than death before letting go and falling to his death. Ezra who had only fallen onto a lower platform rejoined with Kanan and they all left in two seperate TIE fighters - the stolen one and the Inquisitor's TIE advanced. Chopper had left and seemingly abandoned them and they battled other TIE's in space until Chopper arrived again in the Ghost with a group of blockade runners from the Phoenix rebel cell. Once aboard the Ghost they met Fulcrum who was revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi apprentice. She told Ezra that his message had given people hope and that a complete new chapter was about to begin in his life.

Siege of Lothal Edit

The rebels began to get involved with Phoenix Squadron and became one of the main forces in the cell serving under Commander Jun Sato who had the help of former Jedi Ahsoka Tano. The rebels returned to Lothal to get Minister Maketh Tua when she decided to defect to the rebels but Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin forsaw this and used it as part of their plan. Kallus accompanied Tua to her shuttle and then when the rebels tried to escape with her the shuttle exploded with Tua aboard. This of course had been staged by the Galactic Empire but they made it look like the rebels were responsible for Tua's death. The rebels tried to escape but the shuttle they arrived on was shot out of the sky by an AT-DP and they crash-landed. Stuck on Lothal, the rebels needed a ship to escape so Kanan stole a Stormtrooper commander's armor and Ezra disguised as an Imperial cadet and they infiltrated the Imperial headquarters. They pushed boxes with the other rebels inside into the complex where they found an Imperial Shuttle waiting for them. Darth Vader was waiting for them and while the other rebels got some shield generators onto the ship, Kanan and Ezra faced off the Sith Lord. He was nothing like the Grand Inquisitior and used the force to push Ezra against a wall and push his own lightsaber against his throat. Kanan managed to engage Vader and save his apprentice. They worked together to topple some walkers on top of him. They escaped on the ship and as they were leaving they saw Vader use the force to lift the walkers off himself. They realised just how strong this Sith Lord they were up against was.

Vader pursued the rebels back to Phoenix Squadron in his TIE advanced and destroyed many ships. The Ghost and many A-wings engaged the fighter. Two Star Destroyers arrived but the rebels managed to escape and the Star Destroyers caught Vader's ship in their tractor beam instead as the Ghost followed the other rebel ships into hyperspace.

Clones on Seelos Edit

Ezra and the crew of the Ghost traveled to find one of Ahsoka Tano's old friends on the planet of Seelos. They found Captain Rex the Clone Trooper living in an AT-TE walker on the planet with two other Clones - Wolffe and Gregor. After a fight with the Empire on the planet, Rex decides to join the growing rebellion while Wolffe and Gregor stay behind.

New Inquisitors Edit


Ezra faces the Seventh Sister

Kanan continued training Ezra and during one session he was instructed to lift Chopper but Sabine had played a trick on him and got Chopper to lock his feet to the metal floor. Ezra was super frustrated but Rex exposed the trick and Ezra got mad. Rex and Kanan argued over how best to train Ezra, he snuck off with Sabine, Zeb and Chopper on a salvage mission. It turned out lucky that he was there because they ran into two new Inquisitors - the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Ezra and Sabine got captured but they were rescued by Garazeb Orrelios who pretended to be "Commander Meiloorun" over comms and then took the Phantom and hid on the roof of the hangar so when the Inquisitors walked in with their prisoners, he and Chopper took them by surprise. Ezra took his lightsaber and they managed to escape and enter the Phantom.

Hondo Ohnaka Edit

Ezra was alone when he recieved a distress call from a pirate ship. Upon reaching the ship with Chopper he realised it was the Broken Horn which belonged to Cikatro Vizago. He entered the ship but found another individual - Hondo Ohnaka. Ohnaka claimed to have bought the ship from Vizago. Ezra claimed to be Lando Calrissian and Hondo fell for the ruse. Ezra agreed to help Hondo sell power generators on Nixus and also stole the controller for Vizago's droids without the pirate knowing. They arrived at Nixus and Ezra realised that the buyer was Azmorigan. The other crime lord recognised Ezra and a battle broke out. Ezra rescued Ohnaka and they escaped. Ezra discovered Vizago who had been captured by Hondo and freed him. Vizago and Bridger confronted Hondo on the bridge and a fight broke out. Hondo took the Phantom which was put on auto-pilot back to the Ghost without him knowing. Ezra got in an escape pod and bid Vizago farewell as he and chopper head back to Garel. The rebels let Hondo go but they kept the generators.

Ezra was present on the Mission to Ibaar when Hera first used the B-wing prototype and then later with Sabine during her reunion with Ketsu Onyo.

Capture Edit

Stealth Strike 8

Ezra on the Interdictor

Ezra accompanied Commander Jun Sato to find a lost ship in the Del Zennis system but as they traveled through hyperspace, Ezra felt a sudden disturbance in the force and the ship was pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor with the use of it's gravity well projectors. The CR90 corvette was pulled into the main hangar as Sato sent a distress signal. Officer Brom Titus recognised Sato and pushed his claims that they were part of the Corporate Alliance away. Ezra claimed to be Jabba the Hutt but this gave away his identity as Kallus had told Titus of this name Ezra often used. On the way to his cell, Ezra used the force to activate his lightsaber which was clipped to a stormtrooper's belt. He escaped by taking the blade and knocking the stormtroopers unconscious. Ezra stunned two Stormtroopers approaching him with the blaster part of his weapon but realised with shock that they were Kanan and Rex in diguise who had been sent to rescue them. When they woke up Ezra attempted to cover up his actions by claiming they had been stunned in a massive firefight but Chopper played a holorecording of Ezra shooting the two of them which cleared it up. Kanan seemed angry but Rex thought it was hilarious. Ezra and Chopper went to the reactor core and Chopper claimed to have sabotaged the gravity wells. After reuniting with Kanan and Sato, Kanan told them to get clear while he went back to rescue Rex from Titus. Kanan and Rex joined the Liberator after it had disengaged from the Interdictor and they went into hyperspace. However, Titus ordered the gravity wells to pull them out again which worked. Ezra yelled at Chopper who he thought had sabotaged the wells. Chopper told them to wait and the Interdictor started to pull the light cruisers and the Liberator towards it. The light cruisers reached it first and collided with the ship, destroying the gravity wells. Free of the tractor beam, Sato ordered them to get out of there as the Interdictor exploded.

Rebels2x09 0178

Caught eavesdropping

Force-Sensitive Infants Edit

Ahsoka visited the Ghost crew on Garel and Ezra eavesdropped on her conversation with Kanan. They were going to go on a mission to investigate the Inquisitors' mission to hunt down force-sensitive children.

Rebels2x09 1233

Ahsoka traveled to Chandel while Kanan, Ezra, Zeb and Chopper went to Takobo and landed in Hammertown. Zeb and Chopper discovered the Seventh Sister's and the Fifth Brother's TIE advanced fighters and found baby Alora inside while Ezra and Kanan discovered a citizen named Oora. Oora's apartment had been ransacked by the Inquisitors but she had given her child Pypey to her courier droid to escape. The Jedi went back downstairs and told Zeb about Pypey and he managed to find the infant Ithorian. The Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother pursued him down the street but he managed to hide in an apartment block. Ezra and Kanan rejoined their companion but were attacked by the Inquisitor's lightsabers as they stabbed through the floor of the room from below. They group split up and Ezra was able to calm Pypey through the force. Kanan and Zeb faced the pair of dark-siders off, giving Ezra and Pypey a chance to escape. When he reached the hangar door it was closed and he turned around to see Kanan and Zeb arriving with the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother on their tail. Besting the other two in combat, the Inquisitors ordered Ezra to hand over Pypey. Ezra activated his lightsaber but the Seventh Sister waved him away with the force. Ahsoka opened the door from the other side and stepped out, facing the Inquisitors in lightsaber combat while the others got in the Phantom with Pypey and Alora. Ahsoka jumped up onto a roof as they left and entered the ship. Unknown to Ezra, the Inquisitors had learned through one of their ID9 seeker droids that the rebels were hiding on Garel by something Ezra had said to Pypey.

Leaving Garel Edit

Ezra received a Force vision of his parents and of the impending Imperial attack on Garel. After telling Hera and Kanan they explained that Tseebo had told them that his parents were alive but imprisoned somewhere. Sato informed them that there had been a breakout in the prison on Lothal and having gotten a list of prisoners, Ezra focused in on prisoner X-10. The Imperials arrived as Ezra had seen in his vision and Agent Kallus and some Stormtroopers assaulted the rebels near the Ghost. Ezra was impatient to get to Lothal and used the force to push Kallus and the Stormtroopers against the wall. The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister arrived and Ezra charged at them but Kanan shot the wall panel and the door closed between the young Jedi and the Inquisitors. The Ghost escaped and Kanan and Ezra left for Lothal as the entirety of the Phoenix rebel cell escaped and left the system.

Back to Lothal Edit

On Lothal Ezra senses the presence of a white Loth-cat which he had seen in his vision and he chased after it. It jumped on the back of a moving speeder and Ezra managed to get a tracker onto the speeder. Kanan and Ezra tracked down the speeder and met Ryder Azadi, former governor of Lothal and also prisoner X-10. Azadi revealed that Ezra's parents had heard his broadcast which went to everyone on Lothal and they had acted but had been killed in the escape from the prison while many other prisoners such as Azadi had been able to escape.

While still on Lothal, Kanan and Ezra recieved orders to meet Bail Organa's shipment of three Hammerhead cruisers for the rebels. In order to not be seen helping the rebels, Organa sent his daughter Leia Organa who got the rebels to "steal" the ships from her. At one point when Leia was on the Ghost she comforted Ezra about his parents. The rebels successfully stole the corvettes and Leia ordered Ezra to stun her to make it look convincing.

Ezra was on the mission to the Nixus Hub 218 and then to Lira San when they took Gron and Chava to their new home.

Oosalon and Jedi Temple on Lothal Edit

Ezra went with Kanan and Chopper to scout out the planet Oosalon for a suitable rebel base location but were found by the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. The Jedi briefly duelled the Inquisitors before using the force to summon Tibidees and flying away on them. Chopper picked them up in the Phantom and they returned to the rebel fleet. Having recently encountered the Inquisitors in lots of places, Kanan was concerned about the threat they posed to the rebellion while the Jedi were a part of it. They met with Ahsoka Tano who showed Ezra a holographic recording of her former master Anakin Skywalker in a lightsaber combat tutorial. They eventually decided to return to the Lothal Jedi Temple for answers.

Ezra speaks with Yoda

Upon arrival, Ezra and Kanan used the force to reveal the temple, which showed them a different door to the one that Ezra had gone through to get his kyber crystal. They entered and started meditating, looking for answers. Kanan encountered Jedi Temple Guards including the Grand Inquisitor before his turn to the dark side, who made him a Jedi Knight. Ahsoka saw visions of Anakin and Darth Vader after Ezra disappeared. Ezra had been pulled into the World Between Worlds where he spoke with Yoda. Yoda gave Ezra wisdom on how Jedi should fight their battles before telling him that they should find Malachor. Ezra was pulled back to reality when the Inquisitors arrived. The Grand Inquisitor told Kanan that he would distract the enemy while they escaped and when the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother arrived in the temple, the temple guards surrounded the dark-side users. They didn't realise the illusion and were momentarily distracted while the Jedi escaped with Chopper. Ezra asked Ahsoka who Malachor was and she explained that it wasn't a person but rather a planet.

New Base Edit

After Kassius Konstantine attacked the Phoenix rebel cell's fleet and they needed coordinates for a safe jump, Chopper and his new friend AP-5 saved the day and sent through coordinates for Atollon from a stolen Imperial cargo ship. The rebels set up their new base on the planet and although they had a few problems with the native Krykna spiders, they ended up working out a way to repel them.

Malachor Edit

Meeting up with Ahsoka again, Ezra and Kanan left for Malachor to look for knowledge on how to defeat the Sith. Upon arrival they walked up to one of many Sith monoliths and Ezra put his hand on it causing the floor beneath them to collapse. Chopper warned them about the unstable ground and Ezra sarcastically thanked him as they got up. The trio walked through the remains of the Great Scourge of Malachor where many statue-like corpses of Jedi and Sith as well as lightsabers were littered about the battlefield. Ezra picked up a crossguard lightsaber of green blade and activated it. However the lightsaber malfunctioned and he dropped it. One of the statues turned out to be an Inquisitor - the Eighth Brother who used his custom lightsaber to fire bolts at the Jedi. The blast created a hole in the ground and Ezra landed in the caverns below while Kanan and Ahsoka went on to chase down the Inquisitor.

Ezra encountered an old man who claimed to be known as "Old Master" and told Ezra he would lead him into the Sith Temple and get the knowledge he needed. Ezra distrusted the man but let him lead the way into the temple. Unbeknownst to Ezra, the Old Master was actually the former Darth Maul who was stranded on Malachor and was being hunted by the Eighth Brother. Maul and Ezra tapped into the dark side of the force to enter the temple and lift the large stone doors outside. When Ezra took the holocron from the altar, the ground beneath him lifted up and he was forced to jump at the last second and trust Maul. Maul used the force to catch Ezra and lifted him and the Sith Holocron up.

Upon leaving the temple, Ezra and Maul interrupted a duel between Inquisitors Seventh Sister, Fifth Brother and Eighth Brother and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka identified him as Maul and the Inquisitors noted that the rumors were true and Darth Maul still lived. Maul took on the Inquisitors and the Jedi eventually aided him, driving them into retreat. Jarrus and Tano were distrustful towards Maul, not believing his intentions for helping them. Ezra told them he trusted Maul because his intentions for wanting control of the Sith holocron knowledge was to destroy the sith. They agreed to take the holocron to the top of the temple and fight Darth Vader who was inevitably going to arrive now that the Inquisitors knew Maul and Ahsoka were present. On the way up, Ezra was attacked by the Eighth Brother but was rescued by Maul who drove the Inquisitor off again. Ezra went with Maul much to Kanan's dissaproval so that the four of them could split up. Maul continued to try and win Ezra over to the dark side as they journed to the top. They were attacked by the Seventh Sister and her ID9 seeker droids and Maul lifted her up in a force-choke, ordering Ezra to kill her. He couldn't complete the task and Maul threw his lightsaber at her, decacipating her instantly. Maul told the young Jedi that next time he hesitated, someone he loved could die. Upon reaching the stairs to meet Kanan and Ahsoka, they saw them struggling with the other two Inquisitors and Maul told Ezra to go to the top of the temple and unlock the secrets before jumping down to help in the fight below.


Ezra put the holocron in obelisk at the top and was greeted with the aincient Sith concious of Precence who told Ezra that the holocron had the ability to destroy all life. Ezra didn't want this and the she told him that maybe she would share the power with someone worthy and Ezra turned to see Darth Vader descending on the top of his TIE Advanced x1. Ezra briefly duelled the Sith Lord but he was no match for Vader. Vader destroyed his lightsaber and was about to take the finishing blow when Ahsoka interrupted. Ahsoka and Vader duelled while Ezra and a now blinded Kanan took the holocron out of the obelisk. Maul had fallen to the bottom of the temple after blinding Kanan and escaped in one of the fallen Inquisitors' TIE advanced fighters. Chopper arrived with the Phantom as the temple began to collapse and Ezra and Kanan got in while Ahsoka was still duelling Vader. The massive doors to the temple descended and while Ezra had tried to come and help her, she had used the force to push him back as the doors closed. The pair escaped as the temple exploded in a massive blast of light and power.

Ezra felt responsible for Ahsoka's loss and Kanan's blindness following their journey to Malachor and was constantly opening the Sith holocron. Ezra constructed a new lightsaber with a green focusing crystal and aquirred a new blaster pistol. He also shaved off his hair in the years following Malachor.

Rescuing Hondo Ohnaka Edit

In 2 BBY, Ezra led a mission for the Phoenix rebel cell to free Hondo Ohnaka from the Imperial Prison on Naraka. Hondo promised the rebels valuable intel in return but upon arrival they were forced to rescue the ugnaught called Terba as well who was the original source of the information. Ezra used his new green lightsaber to cut down the Stormtroopers who arrived to halt their escape. Terba told Hondo that the deal was off and he ran ahead to the doorway where he was blasted and killed by an AT-DP walker outside. Ezra used the force to make the AT-DP pilot attack his own troops and then fall off the edge of the platform. Hera arrived and picked them up.

Ezra accessed the Sith holocron in his room and Precence told him that his anger gave him great strength to which he told her that he wanted to get stronger so that nobody could ever hurt his friends again.

Reklam Station Edit

The intel given to the rebels by Hondo showed them a group of Y-wing starfighters that were about to be salvaged on Reklam Station above Yarma and they launched a mission plan to steal them. Sato promoted Ezra to Lieutenant Commander to lead the mission and although Kanan wasn't present, Hera assured Ezra that he would be proud. Kanan hadn't been around much since he was blinded but arrived in Ezra's room and an argument broke out because Ezra had been dabbling with the Sith holocron. Kanan took the holocron off him and Ezra angrily told his master that he didn't need him or the device.

After a hyperspace jump the rebels were attacked by a Mining Guild patrol who they guessed would have alerted the Empire.

Ezra wields a lightsaber on Reklam Station

The rebels landed the Phantom on the station upon arriving on Yarma and managed to save a few Y-wings from being dismantled. Hondo managed to convince the Ugnaught workers to help them steal the ships in exchange for their freedom. Brom Titus, who Ezra had encountered before was in charge of the operation turned on gravity locks when he was notified of the rebels' presence on the station and Ezra and Captain Rex made their way to the command centre to turn them back off. Rex was forced to turn back and help Sabine and Zeb fight off a dismantler droid and Ezra continued alone. Ezra reached Titus who revealed that the station's controls were now sabotaged by the Imperial's own hand. Ezra destroyed the power unit which turned off all power and freed the starfighters from the gravity locks but also sent Recklam Station falling towards the surface of Yarma. Ezra ordered the other rebels to escape in the Y-wings and headed for the Phantom but the ship fell as the station was plummeting downwards. Ezra was unable to contact his friends for help and used the force to call to Kanan for help. The Phoenix fleet arrived just after Governor Arihnda Pryce and the Ghost went down into the atmosphere of Yarma and Kanan managed to rescue Ezra from the falling station. Luckily for the rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered Pryce to let the rebels go as they had "earned" their small victory.

Maul Incident Edit

While Kanan and Ezra weren't present, Maul captured the Ghost and the rest of its crew and used them as a way to get the Jedi to come to him. Maul told them that he needed the Sith holocron and Kanan's jedi holocron in return for his captives. Kanan reluctantly took Ezra to the Bendu where he had left the Sith holocron and they retrieved it. Upon arriving on Vizsla Keep 09, Maul greeted the pair and told Ezra to go with his repurposed tour guide droids. Maul took Kanan aside and sent him out an airlock although he did survive. Despite his promise to return Ezra's friends, he ordered the droids to kill them anyway. Kanan managed to rescue them just in time. Upon merging the two holocrons, Ezra saw visions of twin suns and Maul realised that Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive and left as Kanan interrupted the ritual. The blast left the holocrons damaged and due to the fact that they hadn't finished, Maul and Ezra's gained knowledge was mixed up.

More missions Edit

Ezra took part in missions to Skystrike Academy to rescue Sabine Wren and to back to Ryloth again, first encountering Grand Admiral Thrawn the chiss Imperial. He also accompanied a group of rebels including Rex to the planet of Agamar where they encountered General Kalani and his Separatist Holdout. Kalani ended up working with the rebels to fight the Empire due to Ezra's insight on the fact that the Clone Wars was a draw and that nobody had really won. Rex and Kalani gave up their differences and they faced the Imperial assault as allies.

Concord Dawn Edit

Ezra traveled with Sabine Wren, Chopper and Fenn Rau to Concord Dawn and faced off Gar Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos. Rau almost left without them but ended up coming to their rescue as they escaped.

Ezra was present when the Spectres teamed up with Iron Squadron and then during a mission to Wynkahthu with Hondo and Azmorigan to get proton bombs.

Infiltration of the Lothal Complex Edit

Ezra and Kanan infiltrated the the Lothal Imperial Complex with Morad Sumar with the backing of Ryder Azadi's newly formed Lothal Resistance when they recieved word that Thrawn was working on a new secret project. Thrawn called all of the workers to a meeting where he told them that people had been sabotaging the vehicles from within and he then asked Morad Sumar to demonstrate his speeder bike which he accelerated to a certain level and then it exploded as it was built to do and killed Sumar. Kanan and Ezra made their escape.

Kanan and Ezra ran into Agent Kallus who helped them escape, revealing himself as the newest "Fulcrum" agent. The pair used some walkers to escape and regrouped with Ryder and the other rebels.


  • Ezra has many similarities to The Force Unleashed's protagonist and Legends character Galen Mark/Starkiller.
    • In the third and fourth season, Ezra has a different hair style, making his appearance similar to Galen Marek/Starkiller.
    • Both characters have blind Jedi Knights as their mentors (Kanan for Ezra and Kota for Galen).
    • They're both the same age (Both being born in 19 BBY).
    • And finally both characters had a hand in the formation of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Ezra's second lightsaber bears a somewhat resemblance to Luke Skywalker's second lightsaber.

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