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Grievous was a General and the Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies during the Clone Wars. He claimed to have became a cyborg to become stronger and replaced his arms with cybernetic ones that split into two, giving him four arms, however he in reality became a cyborg due to an accident, where he lost much of his organic body. Count Dooku trained him in Lightsaber combat and made him a General in the Separatist Armies.


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Behind the scenes

General Grievous was introduced as a new villain for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. He appeared in many media after such as comics, and games. Finally, Grievous's return came in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, being voiced by Matthew Wood. Grievous's first on-screen appearance was in the 2003 Clone Wars series, but that is now part of the Legends continuity. Originally, producer Rick McCallum suggested British actor Gary Oldman for Grievous's role. However, at the end, Oldman didn't accept the role and Wood was cast instead. 

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