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Han Solo was first a smuggler then a core member of the Rebel Alliance. He flew the Millennium Falcon and his first mate was Chewbacca the Wookiee.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Han was born on the planet of Correllia to his mother and father. Following his father's death, Han joined the White Worms as a scrumrat. He there first met fellow scrumrat Qi'ra.

Han and Qi'ra were both going for the position of Head within the White Worms but both failed to complete their given tasks and were hunted down by the White Worms the Kaldana Syndicate and the Galactic Empire. Han aqquired a datacube with plans for a shield generator that was desired by all factions and Qi'ra was forced to team up with him in order to sort out the mess. Han reccomended Qi'ra for the Head spot afterwards and Lady Proxima gave her the position.

Escaping Corellia Edit

Han and Qi'ra became romantically involved some time later and they wished to leave Corellia together. Han stole a valuable vial of coaxium which he planned to use to bribe his way through the Imperial checkpoint. As they were about to leave they were met by Moloch and his thugs who took them to Proxima. Han tried to talk his way out which didn't work so he threatened everyone, saying the rock in his hand was a thermal detonator. Proxima wasn't fooled but Han threw the rock at the nearby window and light poured in at Lady Proxima whose skin began to burn. Han and Qi'ra escaped in a speeder and were pursued by Moloch and his Corellian Hounds in another speeder. A Patrol stormtrooper began pursuing both speeders on a C-PH patrol speeder bike and Han managed to lose it. Han and Qi'ra lined up at the gate and bribed the officer with the coaxium to open the gate. Han got through but Moloch and his thugs caught up and grabbed Qi'ra as the gate closed. Han screamed from the other side as Qi'ra yelled at him to run. Eventually he did run on the other side as Stormtroopers began looking for him. He walked up to enlist in the Imperial Navy straight away as to escape the troopers searching for him and because he wanted to come back to Corellia for Qi'ra one day.

Mimban Edit

Han was kicked out of the flight academy for his failure to follow orders and was instead assigned as a swamp trooper in the 224th Imperial Armored Division, getting sent straight away to fight in the Mimban campaign as a corporal. Their squad leader was killed in a the assault foward, leaving the Captain in charge. Unknown to Han, the captain had already been killed and the thief Tobias Beckett had taken his costume. Han figured out Beckett and his crew were on a job and afterwards decided to try and blackmail them into letting him go with them. Instead, Beckett got the lieutenant to believe Han was a defector and the lieutenant told two troopers to feed Han to "The Beast".

Meeting Chewbacca Edit

Han discovered that the beast was Chewbacca the Wookiee and managed to convince him to team up against the Imperials. The two escaped and managed to catch Beckett and his gang as they were just leaving. Beckett saw Chewbacca with Han and decided to bring the ship down and let them aboard.

Han and Chewbacca started their first smugglers work with Tobias Beckett and his gang, their first mission to get a train carriage full of coaxium. The night before the mission the group exchanged stories and Val continued to tell Beckett how she didn't agree on bringing the rookies in on the job. Rio Durant questioned Han about the girl he was obviously desiring and Han admitted that there was a girl and that he wanted to go back for her.

In the morning they attacked the moving train and selected the correct carriage from on top of it. They got to work and attatched a cable to their ship. Range Troopers started shooting at them from carriages down further but Chewbacca unhitched the rest of the train, separating them from the troopers. Just as they were about to get away with the coaxium, Enfys Nest arrived with her Cloud Riders and they were forced to unhitch. Rio Durant was heavily injured and Han was forced to get in the ship and pilot as they attempted to follow through with the plan. Nest jumped onto the train herself and fought Beckett while Chewbacca worked at getting the single carriage free. Val was attacked by Viper Probe Droids on the bridge and sacrificed herself to blow it up while she was stlil on it. The train began going over the edge and Chewbacca managed to unhitch their carriage at the last second. They carried the carriage up but Nest and the Cloud Riders refused to let go and even though Beckett ordered him not to, Han released the coaxium as they were about to run into a mountain with it. The coaxium dropped and there was an explosion. Durant had died from his wounds so it was just Beckett, Solo and Chewbacca left as they landed. Beckett explained that they had been working for Crimson Dawn and that the leader Dryden Vos would kill them if they didn't have the coaxium.

Reuniting with Qi'ra Edit

Solo, Chewbacca and Beckett agreed to go through whatever Vos had for them together even though it would mean Han was in this life for good. They entered the First Light and handed over their weapons at the bottom, going up the lift to the bar. Beckett told Han to keep his head low and not to talk to anyone but someone tapped him on the shoulder. At first Han thought it was Chewbacca but instead it was none other then Qi'ra who he immediately hugged. He explained that he was just closing a deal to get a ship and come rescue her to which she responded and said that he didn't need to since she was right there. She now worked for Crimson Dawn. Beckett saw them and scolded Han but Dryden Vos arrived and called them into his office. Vos almost ordered his men to kill the trio but instead they came up with a compromise. Beckett promised Vos he would get the coaxium from Kessel and Vos decided to send Qi'ra with them to make sure the job got done.

Qi'ra knew Lando Calrissian who owned a fast enough frieghter to get the coaxium to Savareen in time to refine it. Lando was sitting around playing Sabacc and Han challenged him, betting a ship that he didn't have on his ship. Han played his hand and everyone thought he won but then Lando had a better hand and won the game. Qi'ra talked to Lando afterwards and then when he saw Beckett he agreed to help them as a pilot due to the fact that Beckett had killed Aurra Sing who he had owed a lot of money. Lando and his droid L3-37 took them to the Millennium Falcon and they left for Kessel.

Kessel Edit

Han and Chewbacca infiltrated the Pyke mines as new slaves and Beckett and Qi'ra went to the control room with the leader Quay Tolsite. L3-37 started a slave riot by freeing the droids in the control room by removing their restraining bolts. The slaves and droids were all freed and Chewbacca left Han to help another Wookiee slave. Han started moving the coaxium by himself and eventually was joined by Chewbacca and his Wookiee friend. The riot allowed them to escape with the coaxium but L3-37 was heavily damaged and Lando was shot while running to retrieve her. Han piloted the Millennium Falcon off world and they ran into an Imperial Star Destroyer who had obviously heard about the slave riot and were drawn to the world. With Han's piloting skills they avoided the Imperials and went towards the maw. A Summa-verminoth almost crushed them but got sucked into the maw. Lando uploaded L3-37's navigation system into the Falcon in order to plot a faster path through the Kessel Run. Beckett injected a part of the ship with coaxium and the Falcon got enough power to break free of the maw's gravity field. Han piloted the ship through L3's calculated path and they landed on Savareen. Han told one of the villagers that he had done the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs to which Chewbacca objected. Han told him that it was the case if you rounded down. Lando was angry at Han and told him that he never wanted to see him again before heading into the Millennium Falcon.

Showdown on Savareen Edit

They were refining the coaxium when Enfys Nest and her cloud riders arrived. Han claimed that they had 30 hired guns ready in the Falcon to come and shoot them just as Lando lifted off and left. Beckett told them that Crimson Dawn would kill them all. Nest took off her mask and told them she needed a drink. She explained that the Cloud Riders were all people who had had something taken away from them by Crimson Dawn and they weren't mercenaries of pirates. Crimson Dawn would work closely with the Empire and use the coaxium for something terrible. Han devised a plan to give Vos fake coaxium and give the actual coaxium to Nest. Beckett claimed he couldn't have any part in the plan and left. In actual fact, Han and Nest had a backup plan which involved the villagers dressing up as the riders and the real ones hiding. Han anticipated Beckett's betrayal and brought the actual coaxium to Vos. Vos believed it was fake and eventually revealed Beckett had told him everything about their plan to give him fake coaxium. Beckett arrived in the room with a blaster. When Vos's troops arrived to attack Enfys and her Cloud Riders, they found the container empty. Nest and the real Cloud Riders attacked as the fake Nest took off her mask and revelaed herself as a villager. Han told Vos he hoped he didn't send all his hired muscle down there because that would leave everyone in that room alone with the real coaxium. Beckett, being the only one with a blaster, forced Chewbacca to grab the coaxium and follow him. As soon as he left, Han and Vos dived for weapons and began fighting. Vos came out on top but Qi'ra stepped out and looked like she was going to kill Han before claiming that she was Vos's weakness and she turned around and attacked him. She eventually stabbed him and he fell dead to the ground. Qi'ra and Han shared a kiss before Han went after Chewbacca and Beckett. Han reached the destination before they did and had his blaster ready. Beckett tried to talk to stall him. When he reached for his blaster Han shot without hesistation before running towards Beckett's side as he died. Han and Chewbacca watched as Qi'ra left in the Crimson Dawn ship.

Winning the Millennium Falcon Edit

Han and Chewbacca gave the coaxium to Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders who tried to get Han to join their cause, hoping to eventually start a real rebellion. Han denied and she told him one day he might change his mind. Han and Chewbacca arrived on a jungle planet much later and found Lando who pretended to be their best friend. They had a rematch of Sabacc and Han finally won the Millennium Falcon for his own. Han and Chewbacca went to Tatooine to find work from a crime lord that Beckett had told them about which ended up being Jabba.

Solo started smuggling for Jabba the Hutt and became his best smuggler although a bounty ended up on his head from the crime lord later on.

Fake Marriage Edit

Solo was illegitemantly married to Sana Starros on Stenness as part of a plan to get back a crime lord who had been double-crossing spice smugglers. Han left with both his and Sana's share which made her belive Han was only good for lying.

Death Star and Yavin Edit

Charter negotiations

Solo and "Chewie" met Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker on Tatooine who payed them to take them to Alderaan. Greedo arrived to force Jabba's payment but Han blasted him after a short confrontation. Arriving at the docking bay, Han met Jabba who gave him one more chance to pay him for his debt. Han watched as Obi-Wan taught Luke in the ways of the Force and claimed it all to be "simple tricks and nonsense. When they arrived, Alderaan was gone and the Falcon was taken into the Death Star by a Tractor Beam.

They escaped after rescuing Princess Leia Organa but Obi-Wan didn't make it off having been killed by Darth Vader.

Solo claimed he was going to "Leave" and he begins readying the Falcon for departure on Yavin IV. However, Solo and Chewbacca arrived just in time on board the Falcon during the Battle of Yavin and shot Vader's wingmen down while crippling the sith lords TIE Fighter allowing Luke to shoot down the shaft and destroy the battle station. Luke, Chewbacca and Han all received medals for their bravery after the battle.

Galactic Civil War Edit

Big three assault

Han with Luke and Leia on Cymoon 1

Han took part in the Assault on Cymoon 1 and his relationship with Leia grew. After the battles, Han told Luke that he thought that Vader died but Luke knew this wasn't true and that the Dark Lord survived.

Sana Starros began searching for Han, claiming to be his wife at this point and found him with Leia and Chewbacca. There was an awkward moment between the three but Leia and Han escaped to Sana's dismay. Sana was later revealed not to be married to Han.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're my only hope!

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Han planned to leave before the Battle of Hoth but was delayed again when Darth Vader and General Veers attacked Echo Base.  He took Leia into space in the Millennium Falcon, but was pursued by Vader and Death Squadron.  Han and Leia shared a kiss while making repairs on the ship.  After escaping the imperials, they headed to Cloud City on Bespin where they are met by Lando Calrissian. They realised too late that it was a trap and that Lando had betrayed them\. Han was frozen in Carbonite as a test for Vader who wanted to freeze Skywalker the same way.  Before he was frozen, Leia told Han that she loved him and Han responded with the words "I Know". Boba Fett took him on Slave I to Tatooine where Jabba was waiting.

Luke Skywalker launched a rescue mission along with Lando, Chewbacca, Leia and the two droids. Leia managed to melt the carbonite but they failed to escape. They were transported to the Great Pit of Carkoon to be fed to the Sarlacc but they rebelled and fought the thugs. Han rescued Lando from the hungry Sarlaac and they escaped after Leia strangled Jabba.

"I Love You"
"I Know."

―Solo and Organa

Han was a General in the Battle of Endor while Lando took the Falcon against the Second Death Star. Lando had previously promised Han he wouldn't give the Falcon a scratch. After being captured by Ewoks and finally becoming part of their tribe, the strike team successfully destroyed the shield generator, powering the only thing that blocked the Rebel Fleet from their target.  Han celebrated with everyone afterwards on Endor.

The following day, Han and his team continued to rid the moon of Imperials in order to not leave any in "the Ewok's backyard" as Han put it. They discovered later on through the Imperial bases they raided around the place that the war definitely wasn't over and Operation: Cinder had started.


Soon after the Battle on Endor, the Rebels transformed into the New Republic.  After marrying Leia, regardless of what the New Republic wished him to do, Han Solo and Chewbacca gathered all their smuggling friends and those that owed Han favors to infiltrate and free Chewbacca's home planet of Kashyyyk as they had heard that the Imperial presence would be decreased for a short time.  A team including Norra Wexley, Temmin Wexley, Jas Emari, Sinjir Rath-Velus, Jom Barrel and Mister Bones found the pair after they had gone missing. 

Han struggled to make the transition into the new life with the New Republic. Leia eventually gave birth to a son - Ben Solo and they lived as a family for a short amount of time before Leia sent Ben off to train with Luke Skywalker and become a Jedi. (In Legends, Han and Leia had three children named Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin. All three were force-sensitive and were trained in Luke's training academy. However, these events are non-confirmed canon, but some declare them factual events.) Han and Chewbacca lost the Millennium Falcon during this period and Han started a business while Leia was a senator in the New Republic Senate. Chewbacca retired to his home planet during this time. When Leia saw the rise of the First Order and the fall of the New Republic coming, she left the senate and joined with a few loyal friends to create the Resistance. Soon afterwards, Snoke turned Ben to the dark side and he became Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren. Han left Leia and reunited with Chewbacca in search of their lost ship, the Millennium Falcon.

First Order WarEdit

Han Solo 2

During the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, Han and Chewbacca were still in the smuggling business in a large freighter - the Eravana. While transporting a cargo of three Rathtars that they collected from an unknown planet, Han and Chewbacca were pleased when they found the Falcon floating in space near the desert planet of Jakku. They managed to use a tractor beam, and brought their old vessel back. Once the two were onboard the Falcon, they heard a noise and found two stowaways that were responsible for flying the Falcon. The stowaways were Jakku scavenger Rey and former First Order Stormtrooper Finn, who he assumed were the thieves that had stolen the Falcon, but the two were able to explain that Unkar Plutt was the thief. Seeing that they aren't enemies, Rey and Finn explained that they were going to take a droid named BB-8 to the Resistance as he had a map that would the location of Solo's old friend and brother-in-law Luke Skywalker. Han was surprised to hear this and told the youngsters that the legends of the Jedi and the dark side were all true.

Unfortunately, the freighter was boarded by the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub Gang, whom Solo was in debt to. Not wanting Rey and Finn to be involved, Han placed both of them in the lower corridors of the freighter while he and his friend went to meet with the criminals, and talk their way out of the situation and bringing BB-8 with them. Confronted and trapped by the two gangs, Han tried to reason and convince both gangs that he would fix things, but Bala-tik of the Guavian Gang ordered a search of the ship, noticing BB-8 as the exact type of droid that the First Order was currently searching for.  Rey accidentally let out the Rathars that Solo was holding on the ship and created a diversion.  They all escaped in the Millennium Falcon and since Chewie was wounded, Rey helped Han as co-pilot. As Solo didn't wish to see Leia, he took the group to Takodana, where an old mentor of Han's - Maz Kanata gave them advice. The First Order arrived and captured Rey and BB-8. Han met with Leia soon after. Leia told Han to "Bring him home", referring to Kylo. Han explained that Luke failed to redeem Kylo but Leia told him that while Luke was a Jedi, Han was his father.

Death Edit


The death of Han Solo

Han, Chewbacca and Finn crash land on the base and enter. Rey escaped and they set explosives. Han ended up facing Kylo on a bridge while Finn and Rey watched from a platform above with Chewbacca from another. A couple of Stormtroopers arrived on another platform and Han and Kylo stepped towards each other talking. Han tried to bring Kylo back by telling him that Snoke, his master, was just using him for his power. He tried to convince him to come home and told him that they missed him. A conflicted Kylo handed Han his lightsaber when his father told him he would do anything to help his son. Kylo then activated the blade in his father's hands and it stabbed him. Han felt his son's face before Kylo pulled the blade out. Han's body fell off the edge of the bridge.

Legacy Edit

Leia, back at the Resistance Base, felt Han's death through the force. Chewbacca went into a wild rampage, shooting the stormtroopers down and then attacking Kylo, who got wounded from the angry wookie's shots. Finn and Rey eventually both duelled Kylo, Rey defeating Han's killer but not destroying him.

Personality and Traits Edit

"I was kicked out of the flight academy for having a mind of my own." - Han Solo
Solo always seemed to go back to smuggling, not liking new things. Although he claimed to hate the Rebellion, the Resistance and the New Republic, he always seemed to return to them showing loyalty. He was reckless and didn't say something was impossible until he had tried it. He loved his ship - the Millennium Falcon and was very protective of it.

Skills and Abilities Edit

"I'm gonna be a in the galaxy." - Han Solo
Solo was great with a blaster, being able to shoot a stormtrooper behind him without even turning. He always said that he was great at talking his way out of situations although it always ended with blasters. He was a very capable pilot and flew the Falcon better than anyone else.

Weapons Edit

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Vehicles Edit

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Han was not set to survive the Original Trilogy but for unknown reasons did, allowing for his role in Episode VI The Force Awakens but he doesn't return in Episodes Eight or Nine since he dies in the film. Han was also set to appear in episode III the Revenge of the Sith but did not make the final cut. Solo: A Star Wars Story was announced and the title wasn't revealed to much later a trailer is now out for the film.

Appearances Edit