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Hera Syndulla was Twi'lek female, rebel and owner of the Ghost. She had a blaster secretly hidden in her boot and was close with Jedi - Kanan Jarrus. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, Hera was ordered to the Rebel Command Center on Yavin IV, as a General.  


Hera was born on Ryloth and was present during multiple battles between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, wishing to be in the sky, flying a ship and fighting for freedom. Her father, Cham Syndulla started a Twi'lek movement against the Separatist.

During the Empire's reign, her father created another movement against it, in which he lost Hera's mother and later many others including Isval. Hera left her home and her family, following in her father's footsteps and fighting the Empire. Hera somehow got the Ghost and started answering to "Fulcrum" and Bail Organa for rebel missions.

She was to go to Gorse to meet with a secret Rebel - Heto. However, the Empire found out his treachery and took him away but not before he gave the information for Hera to his boss - a Sullustan named Zaluna Myder. Hera ended up teaming up with Kanan Jarrus, Zaluna and Skelly against Count Vidian and Rae Sloane of the Empire, to stop them from blowing up Cynder, the planets moon. Kanan ended up saving Hera from death by using his Force powers, revealing his past to her and afterwards he joined her as a crew member in the Ghost.

Hera and Kanan eventually got a droid - C1-10P "Chopper" and came across the Lasaat - Garazeb Orrelios who joined their crew. After being abandoned by her partner Ketsu Onyo, Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian Cadet and Bounty Hunter joined the crew at an unknown time. On a mission for Cikatro Vizago they picked up Ezra Bridger, a young force-sensitive orphan on Lothal. When Ezra is captured during the mission, Hera and the crew return for him and rescue him. They complete the mission and are going to drop Ezra back home but when they get back, Ezra chooses to stay and become Kanan's Padawan.

Meeting with Fulcrum Edit

Sabine insists on going with Hera to meet with "Fulcrum", Doubting her trust in the Twi'lek and Kanan, but when they arrive in the Phantom, the place is empty apart from the wild Fyrnocks. The two battle the creatures and Sabine comes up with a plan using the nearby explosives. The others arrive just in time to save them in the ghost.

Empire DayEdit

Hera and the crew decided to take a blow at the Empire on Empire Day and explode the new TIE Prototype on display. The Inquisitor and Agent Kallus attempt to stop them from leaving but fail as they escape with the wanted Rodian Tseebo. The Inquisitor pursued in his Tie Prototype but the rebels escape. 

Kanan and Ezra eject in the Phantom when they realise that the Inquisitor was tracking them. They fight him in the same spot that Sabine and Hera fought the Fyrnocks and use the creatures against him.

Losing ChopperEdit

Zeb bets chopper in a game against Lando Calrissian who wins. The crew of the ghost are forced to take Lando to Azmorigan where he trades Hera for a mysterious crate. Once they had left, Hera escapes in a pod. The crew pick her up and go to drop Lando off but are pursued by TIE fighters. The crate is opened and reveals a Puffer Pig which eventually gets scared and blows up enourmous in the corridor so while Hera and Lando are stuck on one side, Kanan gets frantic. Eventually they land but are met by Azmorigan and his thugs. After the battle, Lando returned Chopper who steals Calrissian's fuel since Lando didn't have the money to pay them.

Rescuing Senator TrayvisEdit

Hera is betrayed by Senator Trayvis

Hera Syndulla is betrayed by Senator Trayvis while escaping Imperial forces.

The Crew head into the Senate Building to save senator Gall Trayvis but soon find out that is was a trap and that Trayvis was with the Empire the whole time.

Capture of Kanan JarrusEdit

While attempting to send a message to the people of Lothal, Kanan is captured by the inquisitor, insisting that the others leave. Ezra sends the message which is interupted by the gunships exploding the communications tower.

Rescue of Kanan JarrusEdit

Hera at first doesn't approve of going to rescue Kanan but after Ezra, Zeb and Sabine sneak out on the Phantom and get information from Vizago, she finally gives in. They send Chopper up into one of the Star Destroyers, disguised as and imperial droid - 264


Hera, in front of Sabine and Ezra's custom TIE Fighter, before rescuing Kanan Jarrus above Mustafar.

They find out where he is and travel in a TIE Fighter to Mustafar where Tarkin's fleet was. They rescue Kanan and the Inquisitor dies after dropping into the burning engine. Tarkin's ship explodes and Hera pilots the Tie while Kanan and Ezra pilot the Inquisitor's TIE.  Pheonix squadron arrive with the Ghost and Chopper and they escape. "Fulcrum" is aboard their ship and reveals herself to be Ahsoka Tano.

Siege Of LothalEdit

After a mission with Pheonix Squadron, Hera and the crew try to get Maketh Tua of Lothal when she offers information. They almost succeed but find that it was all a trap set by Agent Kallus and Minister Tua dies in an explosion. They try to escape but are shot down by an AT-DP walker. They make their way to a spot where they think their might be a shuttle but are confronted by Darth Vader who fights Kanan and Ezra. They escape with luck and leave the system with the help of Lando and his Droid. They are pursued by Vader in his TIE who destroys Pheonix Squadron's flagship and almost captures the ghost. Hera, the crew and Pheonix Squadron escape into Hyperspace.

The ClonesEdit

Hera and the crew arrive at Seelos in attempt to find Ahsoka Tano's friend from the Clone Wars. Chopper and Hera stay in space to repair the damaged ship while the others take the Phantom and meet Captain Rex, Commander Gregor and Commander Wolffe. The Empire arrive and Hera shuts down all power including Chopper to avoid scan detection. She is surprised when the Star Destroyer enters Hyperspace, leaving the ground assault attackers behind. Rex comes back with the Rebels and reunites with Ahsoka, joining the crew of the Ghost.


Hera, Kanan and Rex are told by Sabine, Ezra and Zeb about two new Inquisitors that they had run into during a mission - the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister.

The B-Wing Edit

Hera b-wing

Hera, inside the cockpit of Quarrie's prototype B-wing.

When the people of Ibaar have an Imperial Blockade around their planet, Phoenix Squadron attempts to take supplies to them but Agent Kallus manages to stop them from making it through. When Rex tells the Rebels about an Engineer on the planet of Shantipole, Kanan volunteers Hera to go and look at his ship. She takes Sabine and Zeb in the Phantom and attempts to land on the planet. The planets atmosphere turns off the ships power but Hera manages to land the ship on a landing pad, almost going off the other side. They are greeted by the Mon Calamari engineer - Quarrie. He shows them his project - the B-Wing prototype. However, he won't let Hera fly it saying that he had to find the exact right pilot. Quarrie gets his droid, BG-81, to fix the phantom while the Rebels wait. After telling Quarrie the reason she was a Rebel and why she liked to fly, he finally let her test his ship. At first the ship went straight down, shocking Sabine and Zeb but it came rocketing back up. Hera flew the ship around, avoiding rocks and testing the weapons. Kanan contacts them saying that Commander Sato had ordered the second attempt to get supplies to Ibaar, having expected her back already. With no Hyperdrive on the starfighter, Quarrie says how disappointing it was that BG-81 installed the other hyperdrive onto the Phantom. Hera realises that they can just dock the B-Wing onto the Phantom. Hera, Quarrie, BG-81, Sabine and Zeb arrive just in time to save the Rebels and allow them a safe path through the blockade, taking out one of the Imperial Light Cruisers in one shot.

Hera is promoted to Phoenix Leader as suggested by Kanan and Quarrie decides to supervise the manufacturing of more B-Wings for the Rebels.

Sabine's old friend Edit

Hera assigns Sabine a mission - to find a courier keeping important information. Sabine encounters her old friend and traitor, Ketsu Onyo. The two end up working together to fight the empire and take the Power Droid Courier to Bail Organa. Upon their return Hera thanks Ketsu for her help.

Escaping Garel Edit

Hera and the Lothal Rebels escape Garel when the Empire attacks, and Hera performs a risky rescue and gets Commander Jun Sato's ship out of a tractor beam.

Mandalorian Troubles Edit

Hera 2-1b

Hera being operated on by an 2-1B medical droid after being involved in a skirmish with the Mandalorians.

Hera and Sabine traveled with some of Phoenix Squadron to try and recruit the Mandalorian Protectors and gain safe passage through their system but Fenn Rau their leader revealed his loyalty to the Galactic Empire. The Protectors attacked and destroyed all except Hera, Sabine and one pilot. Hera was almost destroyed as she made the jump to Hyperspace and was heavily injured. Back at Phoenix Squadron's fleet, Sabine vowed to get revenge on Rau. She traveled with Kanan back to Concord Dawn where they failed to recruit the Protectors but captured Fenn Rau and took him back to Phoenix Squadron who let the Squadron have safe passage through the system.

Reuniting with Cham Syndulla Edit

Hera and the crew teamed up with Hera's father, Cham Syndulla and his Rebel Cell on a mission. Terms were not good between them since Cham had put freeing Ryloth over his family and Hera had put the growing Rebellion over freeing Ryloth. After completing a mission together and stealing an Imperial Ship above Ryloth, their terms were better.

Other missions Edit

Hera, as Phoenix Leader, led Phoenix Squadron and the Lothal Rebels on many missions such as to Geonosis and Horizon Base.

Base on Attolon Edit

The rebellion set up a secret base on the planet of Attolon where at first the rebels had trouble with the native creatures, the Krykna spiders. However, they discovered they could use sensor beacons to surround the base since the spiders wouldn't go close to them. Hera farewelled Kanan with a hug before he went with Ezra and Ahsoka to Malachor. She was shocked and upset when they returned with a blind Kanan and without Ahsoka.

Captured by Maul Edit

The entire Ghost crew save Ezra and Kanan were captured by the former Sith Lord Maul who the jedi had assumed dead after they encountered him on Malachor. Hera was forced to take Maul on a tour of the Ghost to which he found the Jedi holocron in Kanan's room. The group managed to escape and then attempted to use Maul's metal legs against him by activating the magnetiser. Maul managed to break free and then stopped his prisoners, warning them that he would only keep them alive as long as they were useful.

After arriving on Vizsla Keep 09, Maul waited until Ezra and Kanan had arrived and then ordered his droids to kill his captives. Kanan managed to arrive in time to stop them from being executed but failed to stop Maul and Ezra from merging the holocrons. After Ezra pulled out early, Maul fled the space station leaving the rebels alone.

Return to Ryloth Edit

Hera and the team returned to Ryloth and worked with Cham Syndulla, Gobi Glie and Numa once again. When she learned that Imperial forces had invaded her and Cham's old home on the planet, Hera was determined to recover her mother's kalikori artifact. Cham and the others created a diversion while Hera and Ezra went in. Once they had recovered the kalikori, Hera and Ezra were on their way out but ran into Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Slavin. Slavin mistook Hera for a servant girl and dismissed her but Thrawn ordered Stormtroopers to bring her to him including a disguised Ezra who was in a Scout Trooper's uniform. Thrawn announced her real identity and Ezra attempted to shoot him but Thrawn had seen it coming and stunned him first.

Slavin contacted Cham and agreed to free Hera and Ezra if he turned himself in at dawn. A disguised Chopper told Hera that Cham was going to comply and they planned an escape getting Chopper to plant explosives. In the morning while the swap was taking place, Hera shouted to chopper to blow up the home. Everyone including Cham managed to make back to the Ghost and escape.

Battle of Atollon Edit


Hera during the Battle of Atollon

Hera devoted the next period to planning and preparing the rebels for an attack on the Lothal Imperial complex and started gathering and recruiting for this mission. However, Thrawn discovered their plans through Agent Kallus who was now a rebel spy and attacked their base on Atollon. Hera and her crew were some of the only survivors and Phoenix Squadron was broken apart, ceasing to exist as a rebel cell. Hera led her fellow survivors to Yavin IV with Commander Jan Dodonna.

Back to Lothal Edit


Hera and the rest of the Ghost crew went to help Ryder Azadi on Lothal. During a brief moment alone Hera and Kanan almost kissed but were interrupted by Zeb via comlink. When they managed to get the TIE/D Defender Elite flight data recorder Hera left in Azadi's U-wing to take it back to show rebel command but not before sharing a kiss with Kanan. Sometime during this period, Kanan made Hera pregnant.

Attack on Lothal Edit


Hera in her X-wing during the Attack on Lothal

Eventually the attack on Lothal finally happened with backing from the rebel command. Hera led the X-wings and Y-wings in an attack on the blockade. When they finally got through the blockade, they were all shot down by the many TIE fighters that were waiting for them in the atmosphere. The mission failed and the survivors were found and executed by Stormtroopers except for Hera and Mart Mattin. Rukh, an agent of Thrawn, captured Hera while Mart escaped.

Death of a Jedi Edit

Hera was tortured by Pryce and Thrawn and eventually rescued by Kanan, Ezra and Sabine. Kanan and Hera flew on a glider from the complex to the fuel depot where she finally told Kanan that she loved him and they kissed. Ezra and Sabine arrived with a gunship and the pair were getting on when Pryce ordered her walkers to fire at the fuel tanks. Kanan heroically used the force to hold back the explosion and Hera ran towards him before pushing her back with the force. His eyes could see in his final moments and he gazed at Hera for a second before force-pushing the gunship away as the depot exploded.

Mourning Kanan Edit

Hera returned to the rebel camp and mourned Kanan for a long time wishing she had told him her feelings for him earlier, thinking they had more time together. Realising that Kanan's sacrifice meant that the TIE defender project was shut down and that they had been successful in their mission, Hera and the rebels planned to take on the Empire on Lothal one last time.

Liberation of Lothal Edit

After heading to the Lothal Jedi Temple and Ezra went inside the World Between Worlds Hera asked him whether Kanan was actually gone forever and Ezra responded with a confirmation that Kanan wouldn't be returning, even through a time portal.

Hera made a few calls and recruited Hondo Ohnaka and Melch, Wolffe and Gregor and Ketsu Onyo and took the Ghost to Seelos with Rex and Kallus to pick them up. She explained that they weren't on a mission for the Alliance but rather for Ezra who wished to free his homeplanet. They arrived at Lothal and used a trick of Hondo's to get through the blockade. They arrived just in time to free Ezra and the other rebels from Governor Pryce's captivity. After capturing Pryce, they infiltrated the Lothal Imperial complex and used a new imperial code to call all personnel back to the dome. They planned to self-destruct the dome after every imperial was inside but Thrawn arrived in the Chimaera before they could do anything and Ezra was forced to surrender himself to the Imperials alone. Hera led the operation to get the shields around the city back online so to protect the citizens from Thrawn's bombardment of the city. As part of Ezra's plan, Mart Mattin, Wolffe and Vizago took the Ghost into orbit and called upon the help of the Purrgil creatures that with the help of Ezra's force powers, took Ezra and Thrawn into hyperspace aboard the ship. The rebels then followed through with their plan and destroyed the Imperials. The citizens then rebelled against any remaining Imperials in a city-wide riot. With Lothal finally free of the Empire's control, Hera returned to the Alliance to Restore the Republic with Captain Rex and Chopper.

General Edit

Hera became a General in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was present on Yavin around the time of the Battle of Scarif. The Ghost took part in the battle which saw the plans for the Death Star stolen which were then used during the Battle of Yavin in which the battle station was destroyed.

She was stationed on a Lucrehulk-class battleship following Yavin where she encountered Chelli Lona Aphra and her crew. Although they were mistaken for recruits, Hera soon saw their intentions. The group captured and fled with Hera, intending to use her as a bargaining chip to gain access to Hivebase-1.

Hera was on Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth and then took part in Battle of Endor. She was present after the battle on Endor where she forced Han Solo to say the Ghost was a superior ship to the Millennium Falcon. Having given birth to Kanan's son who she named Jacen Syndulla, he became Spectre 7 in the crew of the Ghost. Although Ezra was assumed gone, Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano went on a mission to find him following the Battle of Endor.

Vehicles Edit

A-wing Edit

Main Article: Hera Syndulla's A-wing

Hera used an A-wing occassionally on missions as Phoenix leader.

X-wing Edit

Main Article: Hera Syndulla's X-wing

During the Attack on Lothal, Hera led a squadron of T-65 X-wing starfighters from her own personal X-wing with Chopper as her co-pilot.

Weapons Edit

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Relationships Edit




Trivia Edit

  • Hera was named after the Greek godess Hera which means protector
  • The name General Syndulla can be heard over comms in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Dave Filoni confirmed that it is Hera and not Cham
  • While the Ghost appears in the Battle of Scarif there is no confirmation that it is Hera flying the ship

Behind the Scenes Edit

Hera is voiced by Vanessa Marshall on Star Wars: Rebels.

Appearances Edit

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