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Scout trooper

Scout Troopers of the Empire were branched off from the Clone Scout Troopers of the Republic. They specialised in Speeder Bikes and utilized only blaster pistols as they were only used for scouting purposes. Scout troopers were most famously used during the Battle of Endor and the early rebellion against the Empire in the years before the Galactic Civil War. Following the destruction of the second Death Star, any remaining scout troopers on Endor continued to fight the Rebel Alliance and later, the New Republic. Like the standard Imperial stormtroopers, any surviving scout troopers of the Galactic Empire were forced into exile along with the rest of the Empire, following a Republic victory on the desert planet Jakku.


From Republic to Empire Edit

Following the execution of Order 66, the Galactic Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire, replacing the Clone Scout Troopers with the new Scout Troopers of the Empire.

Fighting the early rebellion Edit

Ezra scout trooper

Rebel Jedi, Ezra Bridger, alongside C1-10P, disguised as a Scout trooper on Ryloth

In the years before the Battle of Yavin, Scout troopers were seen fighting the many skirmishes between the Imperial Army and the early rebellion on planets like Lothal. During this time, several scout troopers, under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn were stationed on the planet Ryloth, aiding in the fight between the Twi'lek Resistance led by Cham Syndulla. Ezra Bridger, a member of the early rebellion and Ghost Crew, would disguise himself as a scout trooper during a mission to the planet with rebel captain Hera Syndulla before being captured by Thrawn. However, the two rebels would later be rescued by the Resistance and Ghost Crew.

Galactic Civil War Edit

During the Galactic Civil War, several scout troopers became members of Darth Vader's Death Squadron and could be seen working aboard some of the star destroyers in the squadron. These scout troopers would aid Death Squadron in hunting down any important rebel leaders on sympathisers during the War.

Scout tower-SWC

A scout trooper during the Galactic Civil War, operating a scout tower

Tatooine Campaign Edit

Several scout troopers could be seen fighting in the campaign on the desert planet of Tatooine. During this campaign, scout troopers on Tatooine were tasked with piloting Imperial vehicles such as speeder bikes and MTV-7 tanks. Variants of scout trooper, such as Imperial pathfinders and Sniper troopers also participated in several events during the campaign including an massive battle on the planet and a few skirmishes with an local enclave of Tusken raiders led by an individual called the Jundland General.

Protection of the Endor shield generator Edit

Sometime after the Battle of Hoth, a large battalion of scout troopers were sent to the forest moon of Endor to protect a SLD-26 planetary shield generator. This shield generator was placed on Endor in order to protect the Death Star II, which was still under construction above the moon, making this an important mission for these scout troopers. During their time on Endor, scout troopers most notably used 74-Z speeder bikes to patrol the forest moon's wildlife, such as Ewoks and Humming peepers.

Endor scout trooper

A scout trooper on Endor during the Battle of Endor

Battle of Endor Edit

In 4 ABY, several scout troopers fought in the Battle of Endor against the Rebel Alliance and the native Ewoks. The battle would last some time, with the scout troopers on the planet attempting to stop the rebel forces on the moon from destroying the SLD-26 planetary shield generator, which would allow the Rebel fleet to attack the Death Star II. Despite their attempts, the Imperial forces on the planet would fail to protect the generator, with several Imperial stormtroopers, officers, walkers, and scout troopers being either captured or killed by the rebel forces.


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