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Leia Organa, also known as Leia Amidala Skywalker was princess of Alderaan. Her real identity was the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala as well as the sister of Luke. She married smuggler Han Solo sometime after the Battle of Endor but when Leia created the Resistance, Han and his first mate Chewbacca went back to their old ways as smugglers. They were reunited during the First Order - Resistance conflict, before the Battle of Starkiller Base, during which Han died. 

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Leia was born on Pollis Massa after the end of the Clone Wars as the twin sister of Luke Skywalker and the daughter of Padmé Amidala. Viceroy Bail Organa and Breha Organa took her as their child and raised her on Alderaan. It was assumed that she was just one of the children orphaned during the war and even Leia was unaware of her biological parents. As a young child, she was loved by her adoptive parents and she told them that they were the only parents she could ever dream of having, not wishing to know the truth.

Imperial Senate Edit

As a teenager, she started serving Bail Organa as an aide in the Imperial Senate wanting more than anything to make a difference in the galaxy and forgetting about what normal kids her age would be doing. Secretly working as the leader of the Rebel movement, Bail sent Leia on many diplomatic missions one of which was to Lothal to aid Phoenix Squadron and supply them with three transports. When she arrived, she was welcomed by Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger in imperial disguises who she told to follow her lead much to Ezra's annoyance. Lieutenant Yogar Lyste arrived to meet the princess who planned for the Rebels to attack and steal her ships so that Alderaan wouldn't be detected as traitors. Leia watched in despair as Lyste ordered Gravity Locks on the ships and a pair of AT-AT walkers were dropped off for security. Leia insisted on taking Lyste's shuttle with the disguised Kanan and Ezra where they eventually pretended to get attacked by the Ghost crew and Ryder Azadi who were actually on their side. Pretending to take her and the two "troopers" hostage, the rebels escaped. Aboard the Ghost, Kanan told Leia that Ezra might need a friend since he had just found out that his parents had died. She joined him in a room of the ship and comforted him telling him that even she doubted wether it was worth the fight against the empire. With renewed inspiration, Leia and Ezra joined Kanan and the others in another room - Hera Syndulla - the ship's captain, Garazeb Orrelios - a Lasat, Sabine Wren - a Mandalorian, Chopper the droid and Ryder Azadi who was once the governer of Lothal. They came up with a plan to get the transports and put it into action. Ezra and Kanan used their disguises once more and escorted Leia back to the Hammerhead Corvettes where she used the excuse that the Stormtroopers, (Kanan and Ezra), had freed her from the rebels. Lieutenant Lyste was distracted by Leia while Sabine, Chopper and Azadi snuck to the gravity locks where they started to take them off. During the ensuing chaos, Kanan used his lightsaber to take down one of the AT-ATs, Ryder Azadi taking out the other one with the guns of one of the Corvettes as they took off. Ezra used the force to disarm the nearby Stormtroopers and Leia was surprised at both Jedi. However she didn't hesitate and grabbed one of the blasters, shooting both Stormtroopers down before they could tell anyone she wasn't on their side. Leia ordered Ezra to stun her so he did just as Lieutenant Lyste approached. Ezra left in the Phantom and followed the Ghost and the three Hammerhead Corvettes off-world. Leia, when she woke up, pretended to get cross at Lyste for failure and insisted on a ride in his shuttle and then taunted him for losing it. She traveled in another shuttle back home to Alderaan.

Leia was elected the youngest senator in the Imperial Senate and replaced her father but after meeting Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader and sensing the great evil and seeing the uselessness of the senate itself she decided to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic officially to make a difference. The Galactic Empire had been building a superweapon later known as the Death Star during all this time.

Civil War Edit

"...In short we retrieve the plans and it's up to you to get them to where they need to be. This is the most important thing I've ever asked of you. It's the most important thing I've asked of anyone."

"Are you sure? There has to be someone better.

"There's no one better. I trust you more then anyone. There's nothing you can't handle." - Bail Organa and Leia Organa


Bail Organa's last words to Leia were on Yavin IV where her father gave her the mission of getting the plans for the Death Star away from Scarif. Bail told her to attempt to reach General Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine. After Rogue One retrieved the plans and beamed them up to Admiral Raddus on the Profundity they were given to the troopers on Tantive IV and Leia escaped with the plans. After arriving near the desert planet, Tantive IV was intercepted by multiple Imperial ships including the Devastator, which was Darth Vader's personal Star Destroyer. Getting caught by a tractor beam, Leia's escort of Rebel Fleet Troopers prepared to fight whatever came through the main doors. The door was destroyed and Darth Vader entered with Imperial Stormtroopers. Leia hid while giving the plans to R2-D2 and with C-3PO, she sent the droid off in an escape pod with a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Afterwards the Stormtroopers found her and stunned her. She confronted Vader upon waking and being escorted to him. She insisted that it was a diplomatic mission but Vader stated that she was part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Accusing her of lying to him, Vader sent Leia aboard the Devastor with an escort. The princess managed to escape her escort and almost made it out in a shuttle but Vader caught her and took her aboard the Death Star for interrogation. Vader used a Interrogator Droid torture her for the location of the Rebel Base and she proved resilient. Vader than physically and emotionally tortured the princess himself without gaining any results.

The Disaster Edit

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Vader decided to use a new form of torture and moved the Death Star to the Alderaan system where they stopped just above Alderaan. They threatened to destroy the planet unless Leia told them the location of the base. Leia lied and told them the base was on Dantooine where it had been formerly. However Tarkin still ordered the destruction to demonstrate the power of their battle station. Leia was shocked and fell. She was escorted back to the Detention Block and her cell where she awaited her execution.

Rescue Edit


Luke Skywalker with Leia on the first Death Star

Obi-Wan Kenobi successfully received the message from R2-D2 and had arrived at the remains of Alderaan in the Millennium Falcon with Luke Skywalker and the droids having hired the pilots Han Solo and Chewbacca to take them there. The group were unaware that Princess Leia had survived the destruction of Alderaan and Obi-Wan left to disable the tractor beams but when R2-D2 discovered she was aboard Luke, Han and Chewbacca rescued her from the cell, Leia and Luke not realising they were siblings. Their escape led them into a trash compactor which they only just managed to get the droids to stop from crushing them. The group escaped back into the hangar and joined up with R2 and C-3PO where they saw Darth Vader duelling Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan saw them before letting Vader cut him down with the red lightsaber he was holding. Obi-Wan's sacrifice distracted Vader for enough time while the others entered the Millennium Falcon and escaped.

Battle of Yavin Edit

The Falcon arrived at Yavin IV and Leia aware that they had most likely been tracked since Vader had most likely let them escape. The Death Star was charging and was preparing to fire at Yavin IV while the Alliance to Restore the Republic sent out two squadrons of X-wing starfighters and Y-wing fighters to oppose it using the stolen Death Star plans to come up with an attack plan. Organa stood with the other leaders in the command room while the attack took place. She witnessed Luke destroy the station with the late and unexpected help of Han and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon. Vader's TIE was knocked away from the blast and everyone who had been aboard including Tarkin were killed. Leia awarded Luke and Han medals for bravery during a celebration later on. The Rebels afterwards evacuated Yavin IV upon orders from General Jan Dodonna since the Empire knew of their base location.

Hunted Edit

Leia had a bounty of 10,000,000 credits put on her head by the Galactic Empire and she met with Dodonna to try and get involved. Dodonna told her she needed to grieve the loss of Alderaan rather than get busy. For her to leave Yavin, they would need to give her a full military escort to prevent her recapture.

Leia met pilot Evaan Verlaine who told her the Empire was hunting down any survivors of the destruction of her homeworld. Leia, Evaan and R2-D2 left Yavin on a mission that went against her orders from Dodonna to Naboo. After many encounters and adventures, they returned to base.

Cymoon 1 Edit

Leia infiltrated the imperial factory on Cymoon 1 with Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Pretending to be emissaries of Jabba the Hutt, the group managed to get to the main base before attacking their Stormtrooper escort. Overseer Aggadeen watched as they finished off the Stormtroopers and then Leia gave him a punch which knocked him out.

The Rebels managed to free a large group of slaves and rig the central power core to explode while in the facility before attempting to escape. Chewbacca spotted Vader arrive from his watch post and even though Han told him to run, Leia ordered him to shoot the Sith Lord. Vader sensed it coming and deflected the bolt. Chewbacca ran but Leia and the others thought he had died although they discovered otherwise when he joined the battle later.

Skywalker engaged Vader in combat and Vader easily bested him and was about to finish him off when Han and Leia broke through the roof with a stolen AT-AT walker. Leia and Han argued while in the AT-AT but still managed to temporarily remove Vader from the ensuing battle.

Finally, later on, Vader caught up and destroyed the walker by cutting it's legs off. The Imperials had managed to halt the destruction of the base so Luke went against Leia's orders and rode a speeder back into the base, destroying it manually by blaster fire. Leia and the others picked him up and they barely escaped.

Sana Starros Edit

While looking for possible new base locations, Organa and Solo had run in with two TIE fighters and were forced to land the Invictus on a nearby planet near the Monsua Nebula. The Volt Cobra arrived after them and the pair were met by Sana Starros who claimed to be the wife of Han Solo although Han denied the fact. When Starros recognised Organa, realising there was a bounty on her head, she destroyed the Invictus. She contacted the Star Destroyer above the planet to make a deal but when Han told Sana he was a rebel the three escaped the planet in Sana's ship and Leia contaced the rebel base. Luke was being held captive by Grakkus the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa and Leia convinced Sana to take them to the smuggler's moon. The trio met up with Chewbacca and C-3PO who had engaged Dengar. The skirmish finished when they threw the outgunned bounty hunter off the roof of the tall building.

Nar Shaddaa Edit

The group infiltrated the arena of Grakkus the Hutt where Luke was fighting off a beast. They couldn't use their blasters due to an EMP charge which had been used so they reaked havoc with lightsabers from Grakkus' collection. Leia wielded a blue lightsaber against the Imperial forces which poured into the arena after the Gamemaster revealed himself to be an agent of the Galactic Empire, Agent Kreel. Grakkus tried to escape himself but was captured by Kreel. Leia helped Sana out from underneath some rubble and the woman revealed to her that she wasn't really Solo's wife.

Leia sent Eneb Ray undercover as a spy and he formulated a plan to assassinate the Emperor which Leia told him was a great risk. He went ahead with the plan and succesfully assassinated a decoy before getting blasted by force lightning from behind by the real Emperor.

Vrogas Vas Edit

Leia served as a commander during the Battle of Vrogas Vas. The rebels threw all they had at defeating Darth Vader but ultimately failed. Leia came face to face with Vader on the planet but they were interrupted by the arrival of Karbin who started duelling Vader. Leia raised her blaster behind Vader's back but decided to take the chance and run instead. The rebels managed to capture Doctor Aphra, one of Darth Vader's personal forces and then the rebels evacuated the planet.

Aphra was later freed by Leia to help retake Sunspot prison and escaped afterwards.

Leia and the rebels successfully hijacked the star destroyer Harbinger and used it against the blockade Tureen VII despite the efforts of Darth Vader and Scar Squad.

Hoth Edit

A few years later the Alliance to Restore the Republic relocated to Hoth where they created Echo Base in the ice caverns of the snowy planet. She found Chewbacca in the arms of a sleeping Wampa and managed to rescue the Wookie with the help of R2-D2. Han Solo decided to leave after a run in with a Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell and bid farewell to General Carlist Rieekan and Organa but when Vader and the Imperial fleet arrived he was forced to stay. The Imperials sent AT-AT walkers to infiltrate the base and Leia led the evacuation. When the entrance was blocked off to the main hangar on their way out, Han told Rieekan that he would take Leia with him on the Millennium Falcon.

Due to a broken hyperdrive Solo flew the Falcon into a nearby asteroid field and in order to avoid imperial forces he flew into a cave in an asteroid. During repairs, he and Leia shared a passionate kiss which was interrupted by C-3PO. While Han was talking to C-3PO, Leia ducked away. The ship was attacked by Mynocks and after leaving the ship Han realised they weren't in a cave but instead were in the belly of a Space Slug. He piloted the Millennium Falcon out the mouth of the beast just as it's jaw snapped shut. Han landed the ship on the on the back of the command bridge of the Star Destroyer known as the Avenger. He then departed when the rubbish was emptied and used it as cover. They were however seen by Boba Fett who pursued them secretly in Slave I.

Cloud City Edit

Leia went with Han and company to Bespin to meet an old friend of Han's - Lando Calrissian. They were betrayed by Lando and he led them straight to Vader who had gotten their first and struck a deal with the man. Leia and the others were taken to a carbonite freezing chamber where Han Solo was lowered into the carbon freezing machine. As this took place, Leia told him she loved him to which he responded with "I Know."

On the way to Boba Fett's ship, Luke arrived and was warned by Leia as Boba Fett started shooting at him. Luke was drawn into the carbonite chamber where he faced Vader. Leia was present when Lando betrayed the Imperials and freed the prisoners including Leia. They decided to trust the scoundrel and attempted to stop Boba Fett from getting away with the frozen Han Solo but failed. Leia, Lando and the others all left on the Millennium Falcon and Leia felt Luke cry out through the force and found him dangling from an antenna at the bottom of the city having had one of his hands cut off by Darth Vader.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Carrie Fisher portrayed Leia Organa in the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy. Fisher passed away December 2016 and went on to appear in The Last Jedi. It is confirmed she will appear in Episode IX using unseen footage of her from The Force Awakens. CGI was used on the actress Invild Deila to make her look like Fisher in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
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