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The lightsaber was a swordlike weapon sometimes called a Laser Sword. It had the ability to cut through almost anything and was used mostly by the Jedi Knights, Masters and Padawans during the time of the Galactic Republic. Sith also used them as well as Dark Jedi and some Assassins and Jedi hunters.

Darth Maul's first lightsaber was a dual-bladed lightsaber. General Grievous used many lightsabers from Jedi he had killed over the years. The Inquisitors used special lightsabers that were double like Maul's but spun around the handle. Darth Sidious had lightsabers which he rarely used.

Variations Edit

Colours Edit

Made from focusing crystals, the colour of the crystal determined the colour of the blade.

Blue Edit

The most common colour of Lightsaber.

Notable Users


Ki-Adi-Mundi wielding his Blue Lightsaber

Green Edit

The Second most common Lightsaber colour.

Notable Users


Even Piell owned a Green Lightsaber

Purple Edit

IMG 0187

Red Edit

Used by Dark Side wielders such as Sith, the Knights of Ren, the Inquisitors and the Dark Jedi.

Notable Users


Darth Vader used a red blade

Yellow Edit


Asajj Ventress's rare Yellow Lightsaber

A very rare blade colour.

Black (Darksaber) Edit

Known to be a Jedi Weapon.

Notable Users


A Darksaber

Light Blue Edit

Notable Users

Yellow Green Edit

Notable Users

White Edit

A White Bladed Lightsaber.

Notable Users

Blade Variations Edit

Single Blade Edit

The Most Common type of lightsaber which most known jedi used with only one blade.

Dual-Bladed Lightsaber Edit

A Lightsaber with a larger handle and a blade extending from each end.

Luke Skywalker's Single Bladed Regular Lightsaber

Notable Users

Lightsaber Shoto Edit

A Lightsaber with a shorter blade, usually taken and used as a second blade by Jedi.

Notable Users


Yoda's only blade was a shoto

Lightsaber Pike Edit

Much like the Dual-bladed Lightsaber, this lightsaber was most commonly used by the Jedi Temple Guards.

Curved Hilt Lightsaber Edit

A Lightsaber with a curved handle. Asajj Ventress owned two of these which could connect together into a Saberstaff.

Notable Users Edit

Hinged double-bladed lightsaber Edit

A type of double-bladed lightsaber that could fold in half, making it easier to stow while not in use.


Count Dooku's Lightsaber

Double-bladed Spinning Lightsaber or Inquisitors Lightsaber Edit


Pong Krell wielding his double-bladed lightsabers.

The Lightsaber used by the Inquisitors of the Empire.

Notable Users

Blaster Lightsaber Combo Edit

The Custom Lightsaber only used by Ezra Bridger.

Cane-disguised lightsaber Edit

Crossguard Lightsaber Edit

The Lightsaber with the Crossguard was only known to be used by Kylo Ren. It is said that Sith and Jedi wielded these during the Siege of Malachor and Ezra Bridger picked up a green one when they visited the planet.


Kylo Ren's Crossguard Lightsaber

Notable Users

Appearances Edit

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