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"Look no further than Lothal if you want to see what happens when the Empire takes control of an entire world. The Empire shows up and makes people who have lived here for generations go into refugee settlements like Tarkintown... and then, to make things even worse, turns their family farms into strip mines to dig for ore and crystals!"
―From Sabine Wren's journal
General Information
Region Outer Rim Territories Lothal Full Planet
Sector Lothal Sector
System Lothal System
Capital Capital City
atmosphere Breathable to most species
Native Species None Known
Natural Satellites Two Known

Within the Outer Rim Territories, Lothal was a planet in the Lothal System and the Lothal Sector, close to Mon Cala. It accepted the empire as security and help after the great jedi purge. It was the home of Ezra Bridger and a base for the Lothal Rebels until the Siege of Lothal.


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