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The crew of the Ghost
Crew of the Ghost S1

The Lothal Rebels, also known as the Spectres or the Crew of the Ghost was a group of resistance fighters that stood proudly against the Galactic Empire on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal.

Members Edit

Hera Syndulla Edit

Main Article: Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla was the original member of the Lothal Rebels and the owner of the Ghost.

Kanan Jarrus Edit

Main Article: Kanan Jarrus

A former member of the Jedi Order, Kanan joined Hera early on before the start of the Rebellion and was one of the rebel cell's two leaders.

Chopper Edit

Main Article: C1-10P

Chopper had been a co-pilot to a clone trooper during the Battle of Ryloth and Hera had found the Astromech in the wreck of a Y-wing. He served the Lothal Rebels with a rather grumpy attitude.

Sabine Wren Edit

Main Article: Sabine Wren

Sabine was a Mandalorian graffiti artist and former imperial academy student. She was a loyal member of the Lothal Rebels and a natural leader.

Zeb Edit

Main Article: Garazeb Orrelios

Zeb was believed to be the sole survivor of the Lasat people and was proud of his lineage. He brought muscle and power to the team of rebels.

Ezra Bridger Edit

Main Article: Ezra Bridger

Ezra was the latest addition to the team - an orphaned boy on from Lothal. Kanan took it upon himself to train Ezra in the ways of the force and he became quite a powerful Jedi apprentice.

Occasional Members Edit


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