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Purge Troopers were a special division of soldiers that bridged the gap between the clones of the Galactic Republic and the Emperor's Imperial Stormtroopers. Being exclusively made up of the last batch of Jango Fett Clone Troopers, these soldiers acted as the personal death squad and escort for the secretive Jedi hunting organization, the Inquisitorius.

History Edit

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Equipment Edit

Purge troopers were armed with various blasters for long range plus one of the three weapons below for close quarters.

Electrostaff Edit

Some Purge troopers were armed with an Electrostaff to help combat Jedi they might come across.

Electroprod Edit

Some of the troopers were armed with twin Electrobatons.

Electrohammer Edit

Some of the troopers were armed with a deadly electrohammer.

Variants Edit

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