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Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is the seventh film in the Star Wars saga, being the first film in the sequel trilogy. It was directed by J.J. Abrams and was released in the cinema's on the seventeenth of december.

Official description Edit

Thirty years after the defeat of the Empire, Luke Skywalker has vanished and a new threat has risen: The First Order, led by the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke and his dark side enforcer, Kylo Ren. General Leia Organa’s military force, the Resistance — and unlikely heroes brought together by fate — are the galaxy’s only hope at thwarting a new reign of evil.

Plot Edit

Around 30 years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker has gone missing. The First Order and The Resistance led by Luke's sister Leia, who searchs for him while in conflict with each other. The New Republic doesn't approve of their doings as it had a no military policy but supports the Resistance still.

The Finalizer orbited Jakku and a group of AALs landed on the planet. Meanwhile in the nearby village Tuanul, Resistance pilot Poe Dameron met with Lor San Tekka of the Underground church of the Force. Tekka handed him essential information, a holoprojection of a segment of the map to Luke Skywalker. The First Order had the rest of the map so if it fell into their hands than they would have the complete route to the last jedi master. BB-8 saw the troops arriving and warned his master. The villagers fought off against the attacking Stormtroopers while Poe and BB-8 tried to escape in Poe's X-Wing. Their ship was heavily damaged before they could take off and Poe gave the map segment to BB-8, explaining that it would be safer with the droid. Poe shot down approaching Stormtroopers with his blaster. One of the Stormtroopers knelt down and watched his friend die from Poe's shot. The dying trooper placed a bloodied hand on the kneeling trooper's helmet, creating a handprint. Lor San Tekka was captured and taken to Kylo Ren who had just arrived in his shuttle. Tekka refused to tell him where the map was and told Ren that he had known the dark sider since he was a boy and before he called himself Kylo Ren. Ren was enraged and activated his crossguard lightsaber, killing the old man. Poe, who was watching, fired an angry shot at Ren who sensed the blast coming and called upon the force to stop it in midair. Two stormtroopers grabbed Poe and handcuffed him. Kylo ordered the troopers to kill the remaining villagers much to Poe's dismay. The trooper with the handprint on his helmet raised his blaster but didn't fire when the other troopers did. As the troopers took Poe away, Kylo noticed the trooper and sensed his conflict but left him be.

On the Finalizer, FN-2187, the trooper with the handprint, removed his helmet from inside a AAL in the hangar. Captain Phasma suddenly appeared behind him and scolded him for taking his helmet off, sending him to have his blaster inspected.

Poe was tortured by various members of the First Order but refused to give in. Finally Kylo himself interrogated the pilot and learned that the map was in a BB unit and informed General Hux.

Back on Jakku, a scavenger by the name of Rey explored a shaft of an imperial star destroyer wreck in the Graveyard of Giants and then headed to Niima Oupost, exchanging her items for food from Unkar Plutt. She headed to her home, the Hellbringer and enjoyed her foodstuff, marking another day on the wall with thousands of tallies already there. She rescued BB-8 from Teedo who followed her back home again. She told him he could stay until the following day. She returned to Niima again in the morning to get her portions from Plutt with BB-8. Plutt offered 60 portions for the droid and Rey was temporarily tempted. However she ended up refusing and Plutt ordered two of his thugs to get the droid.

FN-2187 arrived at the cell soon after General Hux and Kylo had left and told the guard that Ren wanted the prisoner. Escorting Poe to an empty room, he removed his helmet and told Poe that he was rescuing him. Poe asked him why and he told him it was because it was the right thing to do. They stole a Special Forces TIE Fighter and managed to escape the ship. They were forced to take out the cannons which they did successfully. Poe nicknamed the trooper Finn as he piloted the ship back towards Jakku. Finn protested and they argued as Hux ordered the firing of the long range missiles. The torpedoes approached and they took out two of the three, failing to destroy the third which hit the TIE. It sent the damaged fighter tumbling down to Jakku. Finn was ejected before the crash land and survived but when he awoke, he couldn't find Poe. The fighter sank into the sand and exploded and Finn believed the pilot to be dead. Finn rid himself of his armour and walked towards Niima Outpost. Arriving there, he desperately searched for water, finding some in an trough where a Happabore was happily drinking. The two thugs attacked Rey but she came out on top and they fled. Finn was watching and BB-8 recognised his masters jacket that Finn was wearing and the pair believed him to be a thief. After Rey knocked him down, Finn explained what had happened to Poe, telling BB-8 that he had died. The First Order arrived and the TIE fighters started firing. They started to run towards a nearby quadjumper but the TIE's blew it up. They instead ran to the Millennium Falcon, currently owned by Unkar Plutt. After a struggle, they managed to take off and by flying into the Graveyard of Giants and into a Super Star Destroyer, they managed to destroy the TIE's.

Lieutenant Mitaka informed Ren on the Finalizer that BB-8 had escaped. After telling Ren that it was aided by defector FN-2187, Kylo activated his lightsaber and slashed at the panel and walls in front of him with rage. Mitaka then told him that they were accompanied by a scavenger girl and Ren used the force to pull the officer across the room, choking him with his bare hands, asking what girl it was.

Finn and Rey celebrated their escape but the Falcon broke down and they were forced to repair it themselves. Finn told Rey and BB-8 that he was with the Resistance and got BB-8 to tell her where the base was since he didn't know. They were suddenly caught in a tractor beam and Finn thought it was the First Order, they put on gas masks and got ready to let out deadly gas. Han Solo and Chewbacca entered the ship and Solo declared that they were home. They found the trio hiding and pulled them out. Rey and Finn explained that they had a map to Luke Skywalker and were taking it to the Resistance and Solo believed them, agreeing to drop them off somewhere.

Suddenly they heard the arrival of the Guavian Death Gang. Han told the pair to hide while he would talk his way out of the situation with Chewbacca and BB-8. Han tried to keep things calm but the Kanjiklub Gang arrived on the other side. Both gangs were owed money by Han and were not impressed. Bala-tik of the Guavian Death Gang noticed BB-8 and told Solo that the First Order was looking for a BB unit just like him as well as two fugitives. He ordered the Guavian Security Soldiers to search the Erevana. Rey tried to shut the blast doors but instead opened the ones to which Han was holding Rathars in. The creatures arrived at both ends and devoured many of the Guavian and Kanjiklub soldiers. Han, Chewie and BB-8 escaped to the falcon and the Wookie was injured by blaster fire. A Rathar grabbed Finn and took him down the hall but Rey shut a blast door between the creature and its prey, chopping its limb that had held the former stormtrooper. Reaching the Millennium Falcon, Han entered the ship into hyperspace from inside the hangar. Bala-tik ordered one of his men to inform the First Order that Han Solo had the droid on the Millennium Falcon.

On Starkiller Base, a planet converted into a superweapon for destroying entire star systems, Kylo Ren and General Hux were summoned by their leader Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke gave Hux permission to destroy the capital of the New Republic, Hosnian Prime and it's surrounding planets to prevent the senate from aiding the Resistance. Snoke than told Ren that BB-8 was in the hands of his father Han Solo. Ren insisted that his father didn't mean anything to him at all and that he would not be tempted by the light side of the force.

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