The fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars consists of twenty episodes. It debuted on September 29, 2012 with "Revival" and concluded on March 2, 2013 with "The Wrong Jedi".

Episodes Edit

501 R

5.01 | September 29, 2012
Fueled by vengeance and rage, the newly reunited brothers Savage Opress and Darth Maul spread terror and violence across the galaxy.


5.02 | October 6, 2012
Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Rex travel to Onderon, a world under Separatist control.

503 FR

5.03 | October 13, 2012
Supervised by Ahsoka, the Onderon rebels infiltrate the capital and carry out a series of strikes on targets throughout the city.

504 TSW

5.04 | October 20, 2012
After a rebel attempt to rescue Onderon's true king, Ramsis Dendup, an unexpected ally steps forward to halt Dendup's execution and aid the rebel cause.

505 TP

5.05 | October 27, 2012
As a full-scale revolt embroils Onderon, the rebels strike a decisive blow against the planet's Separatist-aligned king.

506 TG

5.06 | November 3, 2012
Ahsoka escorts a group of younglings to Ilum, where they will learn from Yoda and undergo a crucial rite of passage: the construction of their lightsabers.

507 ATOS

5.07 | November 10, 2012
As the younglings return from Ilum with Ahsoka, their ship comes under attack by Hondo's gang of pirates.

508 BFR

5.08 | November 17, 2012
With Ahsoka captured by Hondo's pirates, the younglings work together to infiltrate the pirates' den, using their wits and courage to deceive Hondo Ohnaka and launch a daring rescue.

509 ANB

5.09 | November 24, 2012
When General Grievous launches a full-scale attack on the pirate base on Florrum, Ahsoka and the younglings fight side-by-side with Hondo and his pirates to turn back the Separatist forces.

510 SW

5.10 | December 1, 2012
R2-D2 is part of a team of Republic droids chosen for an important mission led by the diminutive Colonel Gascon to obtain an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought.


5.11 | December 8, 2012
After a comet damages their shuttle, R2-D2, Colonel Gascon, and the other droids crash on a desolate planet where they must make their way across a bewildering expanse of emptiness to carry out their mission.

512 MIA

5.12 | January 5, 2013
In a nearly vacant town, R2-D2 and his team find a clone commando suffering from amnesia.

513 PONR

5.13 | January 12, 2013
R2-D2 and his team must stop a sabotaged Jedi cruiser from destroying a crucial Republic conference.

514 E

5.14 | January 19, 2013
Savage and Maul forge an alliance with Death Watch to target a common enemy: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

515 SOR

5.15 | January 26, 2013
Backed by the criminal underworld, the Sith and Death Watch launch an attack on Mandalore.

516 TL

5.16 | February 2, 2013
Using Duchess Satine as bait, Darth Maul lures Obi-Wan into a trap.

517 S

5.17 | February 9, 2013
Anakin and Ahsoka investigate a deadly bombing at the Jedi Temple.


5.18 | February 16, 2013
As the Republic military takes over the Temple bombing case, Ahsoka finds herself at odds with Admiral Tarkin.

519 TCAJ

5.19 | February 23, 2013
The fugitive Ahsoka escapes to the criminal depths of Coruscant.

520 TWJ

5.20 | March 2, 2013
On trial for murder, Ahsoka faces her greatest challenge.