The seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars consists of twelve episodes. It was released starting from the 28th of February weekly to Disney+. The season began with "The Bad Batch" on Febuary 21, 2020 and ended with "Victory and Death" on May 4, 2020.

Episodes Edit


7.01 | February 21st 2020
Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes.


7.02 | February 28th 2020
Anakin Skywalker, Rex, and the Bad Batch make a shocking discovery on Skako Minor.


7.03 | March 6th 2020
After their escape, Anakin Skywalker and the clones defend a local village.


7.04 | March 13th 2020
Anakin Skywalker and the Bad Batch attempt to gain a victory for the Republic..

GoneWithATrace EG

7.05 | March 20 2020
Ahsoka befriends a pilot but must hide her Jedi past while trying to stop a dangerous droid.

DealNoDeal EG

7.06 | March 27 2020
Trace makes a rash decision after learning what they are transporting is for the Pyke Syndicate.


7.07 | April 3 2020
Taken prisoner by the Pykes, Ahsoka and the Martez sisters attempt to escape.


7.08 | April 10 2020
Ahsoka bargains for the sisters’ freedom and makes a startling discovery.


7.09 | April 17 2020
The siege of Mandalore begins, and Ahsoka turns to Anakin and Obi-Wan for help.


7.10 | April 24 2020
The battle for Mandalore continues, and Ahsoka finds herself face to face with Maul.


7.11 | May 1 2020
Maul is captured and the Siege of Mandalore is won. But evil lurks elsewhere, and the galaxy will never be the same.


7.12 | May 4 2020
Ahsoka and Rex must use their wit and skills to survive the turbulent end of the Clone Wars.


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