The second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, also known as Rise of the Bounty Hunters, consists of twenty-two episodes. It debuted on October 2, 2009 with "Holocron Heist" and concluded on April 30, 2010 with "Lethal Trackdown".

Episodes Edit

201 HH

2.01 | October 2, 2009
Cad Bane has been hired by Darth Sidious to steal a Jedi holocron.

202 COD

2.02 | October 2, 2009
Anakin and Ahsoka travel to the planet Devaron in pursuit of Cad Bane, who has stolen a Jedi holocron.

203 COTF

2.03 | October 9, 2009
Cad Bane has stolen a Jedi holocron which holds the secret locations of the galaxy's Force-sensitive children.

204 SS

2.04 | October 16, 2009
The Jedi Council suspects that Senator Rush Clovis, an InterGalactic Banking Clan delegate and former colleague of Padmé Amidala, may be working for the Separatists.

205 LAPR

2.05 | November 4, 2009
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ki-Adi-Mundi lead an invasion to stop Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosians from rebuilding their droid army.

206 WF

2.06 | November 13, 2009
Anakin, Ahsoka, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, lead a mission to destroy a droid factory on Geonosis.

207 LOT

2.07 | November 20, 2009
After a battle to destroy a new droid factory on Geonosis, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli disappears while tracking Poggle the Lesser.

208 BI

2.08 | December 4, 2009
Medical supplies are desperately needed for a crucial Republic battlefront.

209 GI

2.09 | January 1, 2010
Jedi Master Eeth Koth is taken hostage and tortured by General Grievous.

210 TD

2.10 | January 1, 2010
General Grievous is shot down over Saleucami and crash lands in the wilderness.

211 LL

2.11 | January 22, 2010
During an assignment in the Coruscant underworld, a wily pickpocket steals Ahsoka's lightsaber.

212 TMP

2.12 | January 29, 2010
Alarming rumors about the peace-abiding Duchess Satine of Mandalore prompt Obi-Wan to investigate the secluded planet.

213 VOT

2.13 | February 5, 2010
Duchess Satine travels from Mandalore to Coruscant on a diplomatic mission, with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and a team of troopers to defend her.

214 DOM

2.14 | February 12, 2010
On Coruscant, word reaches Duchess Satine that Death Watch is mobilizing, sparking a pre-emptive Republic invasion.

215 SM

2.15 | March 19, 2010
When Senator Onaconda Farr dies under suspicious circumstances and the local Inspector appears incompetent, Padmé sets out to find the person who poisoned her mentor.

216 CAM

2.16 | March 26, 2010
A Separatist blockade surrounds Christophsis.

217 BH

2.17 | April 2, 2010
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka crash on Felucia and seek aid from the local spice farmers only to learn that the farmers are the ones who are in real need.

218 TZB

2.18 | April 9, 2010
Desperate to turn the tide of a fierce battle on Malastare and win a strategic alliance with the Dugs, Chancellor Palpatine orders the Jedi to drop the Republic's newest super-weapon, an untested electro proton bomb.


2.19 | April 16, 2010
Per Palpatine's order, Republic forces transport a fearsome Zillo Beast back to Coruscant for scientific study.

220 DT

2.20 | April 23, 2010
Determined to kill Jedi Master Mace Windu, young Boba Fett poses as a clone cadet and sneaks aboard a Jedi cruiser to plant a bomb in Windu's quarters.

221 R2CH

2.21 | April 30, 2010
Boba Fett and his band of bounty hunters lead Anakin and Mace into a deadly trap on Vanqor.

222 LT

2.22 | April 30, 2010
Following a nefarious attempt to murder Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu on Vanqor, Boba Fett and Aurra Sing go into hiding.