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Full Body Stormtrooper 2

Stormtroopers were the elite troops of the empire.


Stormtroopers were created from the Galactic Republic's Clone Troopers, following the activation of Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi Order.

They were used to protect the Empire during the Rebellion and throughout the Galactic Civil War. Following the battles of Endor and Jakku, the surviving stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire were forced into exile by the New Republic.

Thirty years later, the First Order used their own type of Stormtrooper against the Resistance.



Stormtrooper PNG11


Stormtroopers are an elite force of armored soldiers in the Imperial Army that make up most of the ranks.


Sandtrooper DICE
Sandtroopers were Stormtroopers with gear and armor better suited to desert planets shuch as Tatooine, Jakku and Jedha.


Snowtrooper Vanguard AoEB
With armor and gear suited for snowy environments, Snowtroopers were boss in cold climates such as Hoth.

Demolition Trooper

Demolition trooper-0
Demolition Troopers were trained to operate Rocket Launchers and take out heavy infantry.

Stormtrooper grenadier

Stormtrooper grenadier
Grenadiers of the Stormtrooper corps were equipped with massive grenade launchers and had red pauldrons.

Stormtrooper sniper

Stormtrooper sniper
The snipers of the Stormtrooper corps were equipped with sniper rifles and had blue pauldrons. They were incredibly rare in the Imperial ranks.

Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper

SWC HeavyStromtrooper-0
Regular Stormtroopers with heavy weapons were given black markings to show their role in the Imperial ranks.

Imperial Jumptrooper

Imperial jumptroopers


Imperial flametrooper
Flametroopers of the Galactic Empire wore similar gear to Snowtroopers except, heat resistant. They wielded flamethrowers in battle.

Imperial Shocktrooper

Imperial Shock Trooper canon-0-0


Shocktroopers of the Galactic Empire replaced their Clone predecessors after a few years and were responsible for protecting important Imperial officials.

Forest trooper

Forest troopers were Stormtroopers with camouflaged armor and were used on forest planets such as Kashyyyk.

Scout Trooper

Biker Scout DICE-0
Scout Troopers could go weeks without checking back to a holdout or base. They were equipped with rations, survival gear and often rode speeder bikes. They replaced the Clone Scout Troopers of the Galactic Republic.

Patrol stormtrooper

Pretty much Scout Troopers for suburban areas, they rode PH patrol speeder bikes and holstered EC-17 hold-out blasters. They were known to be on the planet of Correllia.

Magma Trooper

Magma Trooper canon-0-0
Magma Troopers were created as the heat resistant Stormtrooper variant for planets such as Sullust.

Death Trooper

Death Troopers were elite Stormtroopers that served high Imperial officials. Many served the Tarkin Initiative research program.

Shadow Trooper

Shadow Troopers were black-armored Stormtroopers with a cloaking device built into their armor.


Standard shoretrooper - Hasbro-0
Shoretroopers were a variant of Stormtrooper sent to ocean worlds. There was a garrison of them on the Imperial world of Scarif.

Range trooper

Range Trooper
Range troopers were Stormtroopers with similar armor design to Shoretroopers. They were some of the toughest troops in the Imperial Army and their armor was for cold assault. They were pretty much elite snowtroopers.

Mimban Stormtrooper

Solo Mimban Stormtrooper-0
Mimban Stormtroopers were a variant of the Imperial Stormtrooper specifically trained for combat in the mud-marshes of Mimban. They wore capes into battle and took part in the Mimban campaign.


Not to be confused with swamp troopers, these Stormtrooper variants were used in marsh and swamp areas.


DV 15 Seatrooper
The Stormtrooper corps version of the Clone SCUBA trooper from the Clone Wars. These troopers were trained in underwater combat and had life-support suits with oxygen straight to their helmets.

Purge Trooper

Specialised Stormtrooper variant that followed Commander Bragh during the Iron Blockade.


Spacetrooper -0
This variant of Stormtrooper had armor adapted for Zero-G environments.

Riot Control Stormtrooper

These Stormtroopers were trained to stop riots and held riot control batons.

Chimaera trooper 

These Stormtroopers mostly wore orange pauldrons and had a Chimaera emblem on those pauldronImperial Army soldiers. They were loyal to the Seventh Fleet and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Tarkin Security Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper Imperial Guard
These Stormtroopers wore black pauldrons that were different to the ones wore by Stormtrooper Corporals. Their job was to protect Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

Thrawn Security Stormtrooper

These Stormtrooper wore black pauldrons like the Tarkin Security troopers but had the Chimaera symbol. Two of them stood guard outside Thrawn's office on the Chimaera.

SCAR Trooper

Kreel stormtrooper squad
Special Commando Advanced Recon troopers were special commando units in the Imperial ranks and only a few were trained, notably the members of task force 99.


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