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Trilla Suduri, also known as the Second Sister, was a Human female who served the Jedi Order as a padawan to Cere Junda. After the Clone Wars, she and her master avoided Order 66 and went into hiding, only to be found and captured by the Empire, in which she turned to the dark side and became one of the Empire's Inquisitors to hunt down surviving Jedi.


Trilla Suduri, was chosen by Cere Junda as a Jedi padawan during the Clone Wars. She and her master escaped Order 66 but were hunted by the Sith. She felt betrayed by Junda which led to her fall to the dark side. She became a Inquisitor and trained under Darth Vader.

She was later present at Fortress Inquisitorius where after a successful mission was undertaken by other Inquisitors and Darth Vader to kill Jedi Master Eeth Koth.

She was tasked with hunting down Cal Kestis and with the help of her Purge troopers she located the padawan and fought him. After a moment with her former master, she sensed the arrivial of Darth Vader, who was disappointed for her failures. Unable to break free, Trilla turned back to the light by telling her former mentor and Cal to avenge her and the other Jedi that fell during the purge just as Vader struck her down.