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Hello everyone. Obviously I've been absent for quite a while, and after a long time working with this community and as an admin, I feel I owe you an explanation.

First of all, my editing efforts have been primarily focused on Wookieepedia. I've found that it is a better effort personally, as it already contains (or is attempting to contain) a comprehensive encyclopedia of the Star Wars universe. Of course, this wiki has had a lot of hard work put into it by myself and others, and I completely respect those of you who have continued working on it. However, I have found myself enjoying the Wookieepedia process significantly more, specifically with the nomination process. It has a higher degree of excellence and quality invested in the articles, and that's why I've shifted my work over there.

Apart from that, I'm also on track to graduate high school with my associate's degree and emergency medical technician certification. In addition to that, I'll be enlisting with the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman next week, with the eventual goal of serving as a scout sniper and a member of Marine Recon. Thank you to my friends and fellow editors here for a wonderful experience. TK-462 (talk) 01:32, June 10, 2020 (UTC)

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I'm a total Star Wars nerd, and love to write about it! My priorities for work on this wiki are mainly the improvement of pages, in grammar, format, and that kind of thing, but also anything that pops up that needs a little help. I specifically enjoy working on military units and obscure members of the units, like Twilight Company. I also am working on getting all of the pages referenced, help would be appreciated :) The other admins here are great, and I suggest that you contact them or myself for help on page layout, infoboxes, and just about anything else!

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